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Why did Kurt Angle go to TNA?

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He was not satisfied with his role in wwe and the prospects offered by TNA were better

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When Kurt angle go to tna?

he went in 2006

What title does Kurt angle have on tna?

Kurt angle was the 2nd triple crown winner he has now quit tna

Will Kurt Angle leave TNA and go back to WWE soon?


Where is Kurt angle?

wheres Kurt anglein tna AnswerKurt Angle is on TNA. Which is on every Thursday. He is on TNA Impact which is on on Spike TV every Thursday at 9:00 ET and on Saturday morning at 9:00 ET.

Did Kurt Angle quit TNA?


Is Kurt angle go back to WWE?

No he likes it better in TNA Wrestling!

What hapen to Kurt angle?

Kurt Angle is still in Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA).

Is Kurt angle retiring?

Kurt Angle is currently in Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA).

Has Kurt angle retired?

No, Kurt Angle now wrestles in TNA Total Nonstop Action.

Why did Kurt angle leave Tna?

He didn't

Is Kurt angle in TNA?

Simple answer is, yes.

Is Kurt Angle at TNA Wrestling?

yeah he is!

What is the wrestling show with Kurt angle?


Why Kurt Angle go to TNA?

because in wwe there is stronger people and he is really gay

Where did Kurt angle go?

Former WWE superstar Kurt Angle left WWE in 2006. And is currently wrestling in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

Why did Kurt angle leave WWE to go to tna?

yes because he wanted a new start

How may weeks was Kurt Angle on ECW before he left for TNA?

Kurt angle was on ecw for 12 weeks

Will Kurt Angle re-join the WWE?

No, Kurt Angle declined the offer to join the WWE. Kurt Angle is currently in Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA).

How long has Kurt Angle been in wrestling?

Kurt Angle has been in WWE since 1998 to 2006 he is now in TNA

Will Kurt Angle ever return to TNA after being screwed at Bound For Glory 2010?

Kurt Angle will eventually return.

Is Kurt angle retired?

Yes. He is No he isn't he is wrestling in TNA

Is Kurt Angle alive or dead?

he is alive he is tna champ

Is Kurt angle returning back to WWE in 2010?

no he is in tna

Who is goingto tna?

well Chrisitian came back from tna. Here are the people that are going to TNA Kurt angle king Booker.

How did Kurt angle die on WWE?

he didnt die he went to TNA