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many armys best office joined confederancy!

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Why did president Lincoln have a hard time finding generals to serve in the Union Army?


Who was the union general that Lincoln fired?

Lincoln fired several generals. He fired McClellan twice.

Who were 3 union generals during the civil war?

Lincoln, Adams, and Grant

Why some generals of the Civil War were replaced?

There were several generals from the Union side that were replaced because they weren't accomplishing what Lincoln wanted.

Why did Lincoln have such a difficult time finding generals for the Union Army?

Lincoln had a hard time finding generals for the Union Army because many of the generals and other senior officers in the U.S. Army before the war were Southerners, and as such they joined the Confederacy.

When war began what was the biggest challenge confronting Lincoln and Davis?

Lincoln keeping the border states in the Union Lincoln preserving the Union Lincoln finding a great military leader

Who were the generals from the union and confederacy of the civil war?

Well, there were many diffrent Generals during the Civil War. But, if you mean the Leaders Lincoln for Union and Lee for Confederacy. If im not right feel free to correct me!

Many of the earlier appointed Union generals were what?

At the beginning of the US Civil War, President Lincoln appointed generals for political reasons, not based on military experience.

Which generals were appointed by President Lincoln to lead the Union army?

hooker, meade, and grant-apex♥

How many generals were appointed by US President Lincoln in 1861?

As the US Civil War unfolded, the US army was small and did not have many generals. In order to command all the Union recruits, new generals had to be appointed. In 1861, Lincoln appointed one hundred and twenty six generals.

Did Abraham Lincoln fought at the civil war?

Lincoln didn't fight... he was the president. However he appointed generals and drafted men to fight for the Union army

Did Abraham Lincoln help command the union army?

No not directly he had officers for that. He was pretty "hands on" and kept in contact with his generals.

Over the course of the civil war which generals were appointed by president Lincoln to lead the union army?

Hooker, Meade, and Grant.

Who were two important Union Generals?

Two important generals for the Union would be Gen. George McClellan and Gen. Ulysses s. Grant. McClellan was the first general to lead the Union army, but he fell out of favor with President Lincoln who fired him and gave his job away to General Burnside. Grant was one of the most successful generals. He led the siege of Vicksburg and many other battles and won.

How many commanding generals had Lincoln gone through by June of 1863?

There is no information on how many commanding generals President Lincoln had gone through by June 1863. General George Meade commanded the Union army and General Robert E. Lee commanded the Confederate army.

Who lead the Union military in the American Civil War?

Mainly Abe Lincoln and Ulysses S Grant but you can find the other generals at the link below.

Who was in charge of the north and south during the civil war?

There were many different Generals in the Civil War, but Lincoln hired all of the generals for the North who was the Union and the South who was the Confederates was mostly general Robert E. Lee. Douglas was the president of the South since the south wanted to break away from the union.

Abraham Lincoln confederate or union?

Abraham Lincoln was on the Union side. The Confederate side had split up from the Union because of the election on Abraham Lincoln.

Who was one of the fired union generals?


Was Abraham Lincoln a confederade or a union?

Abraham Lincoln was on the Union side.

What advantage did the North lack in fighting the US Civil War?

One key advantage the North lacked was the number of generals who could serve a "general in chief " of the entire Union military. Lincoln had to appoint, then relieve far too many generals whom he appointed to take on that responsibility with success. Finally, Lincoln appointed General Grant to handle that assignment and Grant succeeded where the former generals failed.

How did Lincoln use contraband in the Union army?

Through the passage of several confiscation acts, US President Lincoln called for the army to confiscate Confederate property as a war measure. Southern politicians and army generals were outraged over this.

Who were generals in American Civil War?

These are major Generals Union: Generals Pope, McClellan, Burnside, Thomas, Grant Confederacy: General Lee

Was abramham lincoln a general in the civil war?

No. As President, he was officially Commander-in-Chief of the Union armies, but this was an honorary, not a uniformed post. He could hire and fire Generals, but not issue orders.

Who where the union generals in the first battle of bull run?

The commander of the Union Army was Brigadier General Irvin McDowell. Other Union generals who served in various brigades and divisions were Brig. Generals Daniel Tyler, Robert C. Schenck, David Hunter, and Theodore Runyon.

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