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Why did Microsoft made games on the computer?

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2007-09-12 05:47:29

That's a good question! Probably for the obvious reason, Bill

Gate wants the user to be able to 'work hard and play hard'. But

the actual reason, you may have to ask him personally. Anyway,

according to doctor a person cannot work non-stop, that person will

die! He/She will naturally finds way to relax such as watching

television, read magazine/books, have some snacks, and not

forgetting-playing games! If you're asking about those simple

built-in graphical games such as Minesweeper, Solitaire,

Pinball(Window XP) which comes with our operating system when we

just bought it newly, i guess the reason is because computer users

expected some kind of leisure program such as games in a normal


But if you're asking me about those CD/DVD games which were

nowadays a die-die-must-buy such as Halo, Age-of-Empire, Dungeon

Siege. I bet it is one of a way to booast Microsoft business

against other game developer company such as Blizzard etc.

Besides, which kids nowadays do not play games on computer? It

is indeed very hard to resist for kids.

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