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Why did Pauline Cushman get fired from acting?

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Pauline Cushman got fired from acting because she was appearing in a road show in Union-held Louisville, KY, when two paroled confederate officers offered her $300 to toast Jefferson Davis during her performance. She did, but first she reported the incident to the federal Provost Marshal, who recognized that this expression of secessionist loyalty would give Cushman entrée' into Confederate camps and would make her valuable as a Union spy. The theater company fired her for making the toast, and she was "evicted" from the Union lines.

- Megan Eaton♥

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Who was Pauline Cushman?

Pauline Cushman was a Union spy

What did pauline Cushman do?

she was a union spy

When did Pauline Cushman die?

She died on December 2,1893.

Why did Pauline Cushman change her name?

Pauline Cushman was born Harriet Wood on June 10, 1833. When she was 18, she left home and moved to New York to be an actress. When she arrived she changed her name to Charlotte Cushman after a famous actress.

How did pauline cushman die?

of an intentional overdose of medication for an illness (suicide)

How many Children did Pauline cushman have?

2 children, Charles Jr. and Ida

What are facts about pauline cushman?

Pauline Cushman learned a lot of things normal girls didn't know. Pauline learned how to ride straddle instead of side-straddle. Also, she knew how to work row boats and Indian canoes. Finally, she learned how to maneuver rifles and bow and arrows.

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For # 1 Pauline Only Had 4 Kids Not 7 Kids So Their Names Were Ida, Charles C., Charles L., August. And I Know This Because, I Did A Project On Pauline Cushman

Why did pauline cushman have so many husbands?

Her first husband died her second husband and her didnt get along same with her third husband

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What was Pauline Cushman's life as a spy like?

- At age 18 she went to New York where she began an acting career - On the outbreak of the American Civil War Cushman was asked to become a Union Army spy. - In 1863 she toured Tennessee and after visiting the camp of General Braxton Bragg of the Confederate Army, she managed to discover his battle plans.

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