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The solar panels were installed during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan was quoted as saying the solar panels were "were unsightly and unnecessary." The solar panels, which were for heating water, were removed and placed on a college (Unity College in Maine) where they remained in service for another 12 years. (This answer is based on sources that referenced the removing of the solar panels at the time of removal in 1986)

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Q: Why did Reagan remove solar panels from White House?
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What president took solar panels off of the White House?

In 1986 Ronald Reagan removed the solar panels, installed by Jimmy Carter, from the White House. Reagan was quoted as saying the panels were unsightly and unnecessary. The solar panels, which were for heating water, were installed on Unity College in Maine and remained in service for another 12 years. (This answer is based on articles referencing the removal of the solar panels)

Why was the Reagan administration viewed as anti environmentalist?

Carter had put solar panels on the roof of the White House, but when Reagan came into office he had the panels removed. He also cut back funding for environmental protection and research.

Why did Ronald Reagan remove the solar panels from the White House installed by Jimmy Carter?

These solar panels were a system for heating water with heat from the sun. They were taken down for repair and maintenance and never put back up. Apparently Reagan did not order them to be put back up, but I am not sure that he was consulted. Such systems were not efficient in 1985 as they are today,

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Which president had solar panels installed on the White House roof?

On June 20, 1979 President Jimmy Carter installed 32 solar panels, used to heat water, on the White House roof. In 1986 under the Reagan administration those panels were taken down for a routine roof resurfacing and never returned.

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What US president installed solar panels on the White House roof?

Jimmy Carter was first to have solar panels put on the roof. Then Ronald Reagan had them removed in order to repair the roof and they were not put back. George W, Bush had new solar panels installed elsewhere to heat a maintenance building and the swimming pool . Obama's secretary of energy announced that solar panels would be put on the White House roof to heat water there.

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