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Romania wanted Transylvania (from Austria-Hungary) - and got it at the end of the war.

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Q: Why did Romania join war world 1?
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Why did Romania join world war 1 so late?

1. Romania was not ready for war.2. It was difficult to choose between one side or the other.

Does Romania join World War 1 in 1916?

Yes, at 27 August 1916.

Who did Romania join forces with during world war 1?

Romania was an ally of France, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia etc.

How were countries like Romania Italy and Bulgaria convinced to join World War 1?

For their own interests

How was Romania affected by World War 1?

During World War One, Transylvania, Bessarabia and Bukovina merged with Romania, creating Greater Romaina.

Was Romania an ally during world war 1?

In the WW1 Romania was an ally of Western countries.

Did Romania gain or lose after World War 1?


Was Romania allies with the us in world war 1?


Did Romania double its size after world war 1?


Did Romania win in World War 1?

Yes, it is true.

What side was Romania during World War 1?


Was team in world war 1 was Romania in?

no,because if the romania was in it some of eurpe was going to enter a fight

What contributions came from Romania in World War 1?

I think it was neutral. ___ In 1916 Romania went to war against Austria-Hungary and Germany.

Why did people join World War 1?

They Had to

Who was the ruler of Romania during World War 1?


Did romania gain or lose territory in world war 1?


Where did Romania gain its territory from in World War 1?

ustria hungary

What happened in Romania during world war 1?

See this link.

Who was the president of Romania during world war 1?

There was no president. There was a king.

Who was in power in Romania after World War 1?

A succession of political parties.

Did Romania completely change its name after world war 1?


What were sports like in Romania during World War 1?

Hundred years ago sports were a curiosity in Romania.

What role did nationalism in Romania play in World War 1?

The people of Romania thought that they were left out of defending their country.

What part did Romania play in world war 1?

Romania was allied with UK, France, Italy, Russia etc.

Romania was allies with who in World War 1?

Romania was an ally of United Kingdom, Russia, France, Italy etc.