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Shakespeare wrote plays for a living. It was his job (or at least one of them). He had to find good stories and make them into plays which could be performed by the actors in the Lord Chamberlain's Men or as they were later known, the King's Men. He must have come across the story of Othello (it is in a book of Italian stories called Gli Hecatommithi by Cinthio), and have thought it would make a good play.

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Q: Why did Shakespeare write Othello?
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In what year did William Shakespeare write Othello?

Shakespeare wrote Othello in the year 1604

Did Shakespeare authorize a play called Othello?

Authorize means to approve or empower. Shakespeare did not approve or empower a play called Othello. He did, however, write a play called Othello.

Who wrote Othello?

William ShakespeareThe play Othello was written by William Shakespeare.

Who is the black main character in a play by William Shakespeare?

Othello is the black man who was a main character in Shakespeare's play Othello.

What inspired Shakespeare to write Othello?

As with almost all of Shakespeare's plays, Shakespeare got the story from a story he read somewhere.

Who is the composer of Othello?

The author of Othello is William Shakespeare.

Author of Othello?


What Shakespeare play is Iago in?


What Shakespeare tragedy has a handkerchief?


What are some facts about Othello?

He was a character in a play called Othello by William Shakespeare

What popular book is commonly known as Othello?

Othello is a play by William Shakespeare

Who is Othello in Literature?

Othello is the main character in the play of the same name by William Shakespeare.

Who was the Moor in a famous Shakespeare play?


What was Othello based on?

A short story by Shakespeare.

What Shakespeare play has the moor of Venice?


Which Shakespeare play was set in Cyprus?


How old was Shakespeare when Othello was written?

Shakespeare was approximately 39 years old.

What is the name of the author of Othello?

Othello was written by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare clearly views the events of the play as tragic. He seems to view the marriage between Desdemona and Othello as noble and heroic, for the most part.

Why did Shakespeare choose Venice and Cyprus as settings for Othello?

Shakespeare chose Venice as Cyprus as settings for Othello, because in this story about racial tension, Othello had to be Moorish and dark-skinned. Those places had strong Moorish influences, and it was plausible for Othello to be stationed there.

Who is the resident misogynist in the play Othello by Shakespeare?

Iago ;]

How old was iago in shakespeare play Othello?


When was Shakespeare play Othello written?

Approximately 1603

Who was the black main character in a play by Shakespeare?

Othello .

Which shakespeare play has the characters Desdemona and lago?


At what point in shakespeares career did he write Othello?

At about the peak of his career. Othello is usually thought to have been written in 1604 or so (there is a performance record in 1605) at which time Shakespeare was 40 years old and on top of his game.