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he was trying to crush the south

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Why did sherman burn atlanta?

Sherman was trying to crush the south, which is the only way to put down a rebellion. Atlanta was a major city and a huge loss if it were to be destroyed.

What year did Sherman burn down Atlanta?

1864, which is also the same year he captured it.

What city was burn down in sherman march to the sea?

Union General made Atlanta his southern headquarters for a month after he took control of the city. Upon his orders to advance well into Georgia, he burned down much of Atlanta. Catholic priests begged Sherman not to burn down orphan homes and hospitals and Sherman agreed to that.

Which Southern city did William Tecumseh Sherman burn to the ground?

Sherman burned down Atlanta before starting his March to the Sea.

Why did Sherman burn down most of Atlanta?

The question is responded to with an answer for: "Was Atlanta burned to ground after its capture by General Sherman?" After the surrender of this key Southern city, Sherman used it as his headquarters for almost 2 months. After ordering all citizens out of the city, ( some exceptions were made .. hospitals and patients etc, ) Sherman began his march to sea and burned most of Atlanta down upon his departure. There is allot to be said about the ending year of the War, but that's for another time.

Who burned down Atlanta during the Civil War?

The Union Army under General William Sherman ordered the city evacuated and then burned it as part of Sherman's policy of total war . Did Sherman get orders from Abraham Lincoln to burn it ?

Did grant order Sherman to burn Atlanta?

No, it was never ordered by anyone. Much of the city had been destroyed by artillery fire during the Battle of Atlanta. On occupying the city, Sherman expelled the civilians, and burned down all buildings that could be of military use to the enemy, in case they re-occupied the city. Some of these buildings were ammunition stores, and they exploded with terrible effect. But Sherman had no particular motive to burn civilian dwellings, and Grant's despatches to Sherman make no mention of destruction for its own sake.

Why did sherman set fire to Atlanta Georgia?

It was the beginning of his March to the Sea, which was a punitive raid on Georgia, aimed at destroying the Southern economy. As they left Atlanta, Sherman ordered the men to burn down only buildings of military importance, but it got out of hand. Still he did not weep for the Atlantans, and they take his name in vain to this day.

Why was sherman unpopular among atlantas for many years after the war?

The people of Atlanta did not like Sherman because he burned down their city.

Why did General Sherman burn down Atlanta?

He was aiming to destroy any buildings that might be of military use to the enemy. But the fires spead, and he ended up destroying most of the city and expelling many of the inhabitants.

Why did sherman not burn down Madison Georgia?

I've been told his wife was from Madison.

After sherman won the of atlanta what did he do to atlanta?

Ordered all buildings of military value to be burned down. But most of the city was in ruins by the time he left.

What year did atlanta burn down?

1861 after the war has been over

What was Union general William Tecumseh Sherman's technique to burn down Atlanta?

He ordered the burning of all buildings of military potential. But it went beyond that, and Sherman began to see the point of destroying civilian morale.

What did William Sherman do in atlanta?

Ordered the local population out and burned down all buildings of military importance.

What year was Atlanta GA burned to the ground?

During the Civil War, General Sherman ordered Atlanta to be burned down. He made the official order in November of 1864. Sherman was responsible for the March to the Sea that burned much of Georgia.

What was the lasting legacy of the battle of atlanta?

Great bitterness towards Sherman for burning down so much of the city.

What happen to Atlanta after the battle of Atlanta?

Sherman aimed to destroy buildings of military importance, but ended up burning down most of the city, leaving many refugees to flee into the mountains.

Who was the union general who fought at Shiloh and Vicksburg and burnt down the city of Atlanta?

That general was William Tecumseh Sherman. He was one of General Grant's lieutenants at Shiloh and Vicksburg, and was the overall commander of the combined Union armies at Atlanta.

Where did Sherman?

Sherman started his "March to the Sea" from Atlanta at down of November 16,1864, after destroying all infrastructures of military interest standing in the city, whose civilian quarters were also involved by fire and blasts, which caused most of them of being razed to the ground.

What German city famous for being burned by general sherman during the American civil war?

I think you've muddled 'Sherman' with 'German'. The only famous city with a big German population was Chicago - a long way from the war. Sherman burnt down most of Atlanta, and then the whole of Columbia, South Carolina.

What happened to atlanta after the union army occupied it?

Sherman expelled most of the population and burned down all buildings of military importance - but in fact burned down most of the city. It became a well-fortified Union garrison.

How do you burn trees?

You burn down trees by using really really strong fire and then you can just watch it burn down and watch it burn down with the fire!

Did sherman have a plan on what he was doing?

During his march he was conducting a war stratigie called total war. That is were everything is deystroyed. Sherman was marching to burn down the cities in Georgia. This was not really necessary though, because General Grant was already at Appomattox with Lee stating surrender agreements.

What are battle of Atlanta characters?

Sherman - who burned it down. McPherson - the Union General, killed at Atlanta, of whom they said "He was more than a great General, He was a great man." John Bell Hood - the Confederate General, who had been selected for his gung-ho qualities. They led to disaster.

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