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Why did Spain send Francisco Pizarro to explore?


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Well Spain was poor so they sent Pizarro to find new land. The Incas were rich people but very easy to defeat. So Francisco Pizarro went and conquered the Incas for their riches.


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I don't know but i guess that Emperor Charles of Spain granted Pizarro permission to make further expeditions.

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Spanish explorers in the New World did more than explore. Their mission as "conquistadors" were to battle & defeat Native Americans in order to control large parts of North & South America. The "conquistadors" were able to steal silver and gold and send these precious metals back to Spain. Two famous conquistadors were Cortes and Pizarro.

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Francisco Pizarro is a spanish explorer who discorved that the incas had gold in the Acountries so he took his crew over there to take their gold and send it to his hometown. francisco pizzarro was a christian, and when he went to the Andean countries he tried to force the incan to become christians. the incan fought for their rights and finally the lost. francisco took atahuallpa(incan emperor) to be in-slaved. after a while francisco killed the incan emperor and the incan didn't know what to do. some of the incans escaped and the others died....

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