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Q: Why did St Teresa of Avila believe Martin Luther to be a heretic?
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What famous people fought for justice?

Aung Sung Su Kyi ,martin Luther king, Abraham Lincoln

What are the similarities between Cesar Chavez and Dr Martin Luther King Jr?

Mother Teresa was a woman and Martin was a man. Mother Teresa gave away everything she had and built hospitals for dying people and martin couldn't because he was black. mother teresa was a nun and martin was not a munk. martin was assasinated and mother Teresa died of a heart attack.

Who are famous committed people?

Just to name a few; Martin Luther Mother Teresa Nelson Mandela Terry Fox

Who are some noble prize winner in the world and also get info about them?

Nelson Mandella, Martin Luther King, Bacack Obama, Mother Teresa etc. :)

What has the author Teresa A Martin written?

Teresa A. Martin has written: 'Project Cool Guide to XML for Web Designers'

Who among this fought against the practice of slavery Abraham Lincoln mahatma gandhi mother Teresa and martin Luther king?

The answer is Abraham Lincoln. He was the one who fought to free the slaves.

What leaders have worked for peace and social change?

Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were two political leaders. Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther king Jr. were two social leaders.

What are the names of the most famous pacifists?

Here is a short list: Mahatma Ghandi Martin Luther King Mother Teresa Henry David Thoroeau Jesus Henry Ford Mark Twain Andrew Carnegie

What did Mother Teresa believe?

In Catholicism

Name a famous Christian has died for their faith but not Jesus Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King?

Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated because he tried to convince the evil and despotic leaders of El Salvador to stop persecuting the poor.

Who would be a good inspirational leader for a school project or speech?

Martin Luther King, Jr. would be a good inspirational leader for a school project or speech. Some other examples include Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Teresa.

What are the names of Mrs Frisby's children?

The names are Martin, Teresa, Cynthia, and Timothy. :)