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Why did Stalin want to take over Europe?

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I partialy quote from Caroline Johnson, Foothill College: "It was Stalin's plan to claim neutrality. His idea was that if all the countries of the world went to war with Germany, by the end of the war, each would become financially and politically exhausted. Russia, having been at peace the entire time, would inevitably rise as the greatest power in the world and dominate above capitalism. However, even Stalin could not ignore Hitler's advances into the USSR and other parts of Europe - the Nazi plan of domination intimidated and threatened that of Stalin's. It was then that Russia became involved in the war. Entrance into the war had many advantages for Russia: it would obviously defend the USSR from Hitler's dominance and it gave Russia the opportunity to take over all of the land in the East that the Nazi's had invaded. This action not only defeated Hitler and his intentions, but it placed Russia in a powerful position in these lands. It is here that Stalin's plan begin to thoroughly develop."

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What did Stalin want at the Potsdam Conference?

he wanted to take over germany, showing no mercy

Why did Stalin want to keep East Germany?

Because stalin feared a invasion from the West, he was still paranoid over the two wars that had been started in the west and in central europe and didn't want it to happen again

What did Stalin want the US to do after it declared war in 1941?

Invade Europe immediately

Why did Hitler want to conquer all of Europe?

Once he took over Europe he would be able to have loads of control and he believed once you had control over Europe you half the power to take over the world and his mission inlife was to take over the world!

Why did Europe want to take over Africa?

Europe wanted to take over Africa due to economic reasons. The economic reasons are raw materials, trade, commerce, Christianity, and civilization.

What did Joseph Stalin want out of the treaty of Versailles?

Joseph Stalin hoped that the Treaty of Versailles would result in Hitler causing a Civil War. He wanted Communists to take over the country of Germany.

How are Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte related?

historically they are not the same why you ask? because Hitler wanted to take over Europe while Napoleon wanted a unified Europe (want Europe is today) no one said yes so he decided that he would have to take over Europe

Why did Stalin want to control Eastern Europe?

Stalin was a communist and he wanted to spread his communism (almost like the US spreading Democracy but on a more violent scale)

Who did Lenin want to replace Stalin?

He was adverse to Stalin taking over, so he probably wanted Trotsky to come to power.

Why did Stalin want the Allies to attack in Europe immediately Β ?

Stalin hopes that by the Allies invading Europe, Germany would have to fight on two fronts. This would split the German forces, and reduce the pressure on the Russian/Germany front.

How did Stalin treat the peasants?

Stalin treated the peasants he dealt with very poorly. Stalin would take away these people's rights and force them to do work that they did not want to do.

Why did Stalin in ww2 want an invasion of western Europe so badly?

to divert the German army from the Russian front

Why did Stalin want the Allied forces to invade Europe in World War 2?

I'm pretty sure he wanted to gain control of Europe. I may be wrong though.

Stalin signed the nazi Soviet pact Why?

they didnt want to take on each other!

Why did Germany want to invade Britain?

Germany invaded Britain because Germany had a leader that was determined to take over Europe

What did Hitler want to do with Britain?

Hitler wanted to take over as much as Europe as he could. but he wasnt ganna get Britain!!!! xxx

Why did Stalin want the us to invade Europe?

During World War 2 in 1942-1944, Stalin wanted the US & British armies to land in France as soon as possible (as a 'Second Front') to take some pressure off the Soviet Union, which was fighting the German Army on the Eastern Front.

Why did Stalin want Britain and the US to open a second front in Europe?

So that the Germans would be fighting someone besides Russia.

How long will it take to see most of western Europe Starting from London by Euro rail?

There are over thirty independent countries in Western Europe. How long do you want to spend in each of them?

Why did vm molotov object the marshall plan?

he did not object to it....Stalin did and this was because he was still not too sure whether to stay as an ally of the U.S.A or to split off from it. But he was not prepared to hand over economic data to the U.S.A. He also thought that this was to take away the Soviet sphere of influence in eastern Europe as if the countries in eastern Europe accepted, he didn't want them to become too dependant on the U.S dollar.

Why Adolf Hitler want to invade Europe?

Adolf Hitler wanted to invade Europe so that essentially he could take over the world. Once Europe is completely controlled by him he could move out in all directions to conquer the globe.

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What countries did Adolf Hitler want to invade?

Initially just Europe and Russia. He planned to stop for a while, build his base then take over the world.

Why did some dictators believe they could take over Europe and other parts of the world?

i don't have an answer but i do want to ask why theese have not been answered yet?

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