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Why did Turkey try to destroy its Kurdish citizens' culture?

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Turkey did not try to destroy the Kurdish culture. To preserve the territorial integrity of Turkey everyone that lives within the borders of Turkey are considered to be Turks and everyone is treated equally.

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Part of Kemal Ataturk's attempt to create a unified Turkish Republic in 1923 was to prevent further fragmentation of the country. This problem was acute given the fact that Treaty of Versailles (1919) had ripped away 2/3 of the Ottoman Territory and the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) took even more territory away from Turkey and would have established French and British Spheres of Influence. There had also been several wars in the Balkans which cost Ottoman territory in the 1910s. (Ataturk was able to overturn the Treaty of Sèvres in 1923 with the Treaty of Lausanne, which restored some Turkish Territory and prevented the spheres of influence.) In order to establish a united Turkish identity, he felt it necessary to establish common cultural views to promote the unity of Turkey's citizenry. If some "Turks" did not have a Turkish sense of self, they may seek to form an independent country to express their cultural tendency (just as many of the Balkan states had).

The Kurds were the largest group of Turkish citizens who were not ethnic Turks. As a direct result of fearing that the Kurds would attempt to form their own country, the Turks repressed their cultural expression in an attempt to de-Kurd-ify them and Turk-ify them. The fear of Kurdish revolt is not terribly surprising given the Kurdish revolts in Iraq in 1925 and in Iran in 1928. The Turkish government under Erdogan has been the first to recognize that while Turkish Kurds are Turkish citizens, that they can have a Kurdish culture and still be loyal Turkish citizens.

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What culture did Turkey try to destroy?

The Kurdish culture in eastern Anatolia.

Do many people speak Kurdish in Turkey?

Yes. A significant minority of Turkish citizens (15-17 million people) speak Kurdish.

Why is there war in turkey and kurdistan?

There is no such place called kurdistan.The reason is kurdish terorrist in turkey attacked Turkish people in the east that's why Turkish army is killing Kurdish terorrists other reason is Kurdish people want to live in Turkey. There is no such place called kurdistan.The reason is kurdish terorrist in turkey attacked Turkish people in the east that's why Turkish army is killing Kurdish terorrists other reason is Kurdish people want to live in Turkey. There is no such place called kurdistan.The reason is kurdish terorrist in turkey attacked Turkish people in the east that's why Turkish army is killing Kurdish terorrists other reason is Kurdish people want to live in Turkey.

What is the difference between kurdish and Turkish?

Turkish people are from Turkey Kurdish people are from kurdistan =]

What are three ways in which the Turkish government has oppressed the Kurdish people?

oppression is a very harsh term, yet many people forget the bad-doings of the kurdish people ie the atrocities commited by the pkk (kurdish workers party) firstly, the Turkish government has denied many rights if the kurdish community, which they mainly inhabit the south eastern region of turkey. it is a crime in turkey to speak of the kurdish languageor teachings or any aspect of their culture. The Turkish government has also isolated the kurdish inhabited region of turkey such as diyarbakir and gazientep by not building enough hospitals and schools needed for the vilages, however this would be mademore easier if the kurdish community tried to cooporate in a civilsed manner with the Turkish government.

Is Mardin a Kurdish city?

Mardin is a city in Turkey. It does have a lot of Kurdish people, but also people of other groupings. So it is not an exclusively Kurdish city.

Who speaks kurdish?

Kurds speak Kurdish. Kurdish is a collection dialects spoken in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and a by small number of Kurds in the South Caucasus

Where do the kurdish people live?

The Kurd's(Kurdish)people live in:Iran,Iraq,Syria,and Turkey. . . Draine Syrem

What is the launguages are spoken in turkey?

the two launguages in turkey are Turkish and kurdish but their secound language is English

Do all people in Turkey speak Turkish?

About 75% of the people in Turkey speak Turkish.For more information about the languages of Turkey, click here.

Are Turks Caucasians?

If you mean we are fair skinned yes we are apperantly all the dark skinned people in turkey are either an exeption (tanning for instance) or citizens with kurdish and arabic ancestry

What are two countries that have large Kurdish populations?

TURKEY, IRAN, and IRAQ all have Kurdish populations of over 6 million people. Syria also has a Kurdish-majority region.

Does The Republican People's Party of Turkey advocate for Kurdish rights within the Turkish Republic which includes Kurdish nationalism or not?

There are two distinct questions here:Are "Kurdish Rights within the Turkish Republic" inclusive of "Kurdish Nationalism"?NO. "Kurdish Rights within the Turkish Republic" is separate for "Kurdish Nationalism". These both operate from the premise that the Turko-Kurdish conflict, which has resulted in over 35,000 Kurdish deaths, over 2 million internally displaced Kurds within Turkey, and numerous anti-Kurdish laws in Turkey, is oppressive towards the Kurds.However, these two views are the different answers to the question, "How do we change this?" Those who advocate for Kurdish Nationalism want the Kurdish-majority regions in Turkey (called North Kurdistan or Southeast Turkey) to secede as the independent country of Kurdistan and leave Turkey behind. Most Kurdish Nationalist groups are violent paramilitaries and terrorist groups like the Kurdish Worker's Party (PKK).Those who advocate for "Kurdish Rights within the Turkish Republic" want greater equality and cultural recognition within the structure of Turkey. These are people who see their homeland as Turkey and simply want to retain their uniqueness. Naturally, this is a peaceful civil rights movement, but it has often been conflated with the violent Kurdish Independence Groups.There are some who would argue that the "Kurdish Rights within the Turkish Republic" is the Martin Luther King, Jr. to the Kurdish Nationalists' Malcolm X.Does the Republican People's Party (CHP) advocate for Kurdish Rights within the Turkish Republic or Kurdish Nationalism?First to deal with Kurdish Nationalism, the CHP actively refuses to permit Kurdistan to secede from Turkey and holds that the integrity of the Turkish State is paramount. Kurdish Independence has always been a non-starter with the CHP.However, the CHP is rather divided on Kurdish Rights. There are members of the CHP like Dr. Aykan Erdemir who support Kurdish Rights and there are other members who are more cynical or conservative on such matters. The CHP has moved increasingly leftward under the stewardship of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and it would not surprise me if the CHP were willing to grant some concessions to the Kurds, especially if it had to form a coalition with the HDP.

Why were the kurdish populations in turkey forced to migrate?

It's only a lie.They live in peacefull but a terrority organisation called PKK killed Kurdish and said we pretend Kurdish and this organisation killed a lot of innocent Turkish and Kurdish people.

What is region of the Kurds?

The Kurdish Regions are in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria.

Is Mesut Ozil Kurd?

yes surely he is kurdish from Kurdistan-Turkey

Are Kurdish and Arabic spoken in Turkey?

Kurdish is spoken in Eastern Turkey, mostly in Diyarbakır region where there is a concentration of Kurds. Arabic is not widely spoken in Turkey, there is not a significant Arab community except in Hatay Province and Gaziantep; however, Arabic is used liturgically in Mosques.

Is the Turkish singer ozcan deniz Muslim?

Yes he is a kurdish muslim from Turkey

In addition to Turkey which countries have significant Kurdish population?

Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

What three countries have the largest Kurdish populations?

turkey, iraq, iran & also sryia

Whose traditional homeland crosses the borders of turkey Iraq and Iran?

The Kurdish Homeland.

In what alphabet is the Kurdish language written?

The Kurdish language is spoken in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan and Afghanistan. It is written using a variant of the Latin alphabet.

Witch countries are considered enemies of turkey?

Armenia greece cyprus iran irak kurdish

Ethnic group living in Turkey and Iraq?

Turkish , kurdish , percian , arabs , azrbinjan , armanian ..

What group that occupies parts of turkey Iran and Iraq want their own country?

Kurdish people