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What is another term for human geography?

Cultural Geography.

What is Another word for relish?

brooke Woodrow

Is there Another word for fourteen pounds?

A stone.

What is theAnother word for geography?

Another word for geography is "spatial analysis." Another way to describe geography is: study of all physical and cultural aspects of the Earth and their inter-relationships.

What is another name for a fourteen sided polygon?


Why were these communities isolated from one another?

the geography

What is a region that belongs to another state in geography?

That is a Dependency.

What is physiography?

Physiography is another name for physical geography. It's a branch of geography that deals with process and features of nature.

How is history connected with geography?

History and Geography are connected by the change in human populations as they have moved around. These human populations also changed the physical geography of the places they live, so this is another connection to geography from History.

Why is geography sometimes called social sceince?

Because geography is another term of science and its a possibility it means the same thing.

What is another word for geography?

History, Social Studes i think

What does convert mean in geography?

It means to change from one to another.

Did Andrew Carnegie originate the idea of the League of Nations or was it Woodrow Wilson?

Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson wanted to avoid the violence seen in World War I. He thought that the League Of Nations would avoid another war like that.

What is another word for half of fourteen?

Ít's Seven.7, or 14 divided by two

How can geography be helpful?

If you ever need to help someone figure out where another state or city is, where another road is, or where another country is, it will be helpful.

How does Spain's geography affect it's culture?

Spain's Geography affects its culture because it was founded by the Spanish and the culture was passed on from one generation to another.

How does Romania differ significantly from Australia?

Many differences: another people, another language, another culture and tradition, another history, geography and geology, etc.

What did Woodrow Wilson think could lead to another world war?

allowing the German military to continue

What is the definition of tombolo geography?

A sandbar that connects an island to the mainland or to another island.

Human geography is concerned with?

all human interactions with one another and with the environment.

How has geography affected the course of history?

Geography has had a major impact on the course of history. Geography determined if conquering another nation or people was possible. It determined how the fight for American Independence went, and it determined who the US colonized, in tern.

Physical geography and cultural is the alike of different?

they are different because humans cultural and geography is dealing with two different things one about life and another about the world

What is another name for cultural geography?

I would think off the top of my head Anthropology.....but my kids crossword human geography go figure :)

How do you use geography in every day life?

We use geography in everyday life. Some examples of this is when you or someone is going on a road trip, they need to use a map. Another is a bus driver used geography (maps) five days a week. Another example is school teachers use it to teach us where things are.

What was the nickname of Woodrow Wilson?

President Woodrow Wilson actually had a few nicknames. At various times he was called The Professor, The Phrase-maker, and the Coiner of Weasel Words. Another nickname attributed to Wilson was Schoolmaster in Politics.