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While this protest was illegal, making any old method of obscuring individual identities necessary, Mohawk warriors were chosen because they were a truly American symbol of freedom and rugged individualism. This is a parallel to why the Americans also began to identify with the rattlesnake, bald eagle, and turkey (which Thomas Jefferson wanted to be the national symbol). Mohawks, bald eagles, and the rest were things unique to the New World.
Essentially, the Sons of Liberty (who conducted the Stamp Act protests) were showing that they identified more with American symbols than English ones.

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Q: Why did colonist dress like Indians at the Boston tea party?
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During the Boston Tea Party who did the colonist dress up like?


Why did colonist dress like mohawk Indians?

they didn't, unless you're referring to the Boston tea party?

Why did the colonist dress up as indians in the boston tea party?

There are two reasons that the colonist dressed up at Mohawk Indians. The group wanted to conceal their identities and the disguise was a political message that the colonist were Americans and not British.

Describe the Boston Tea Party?

The Boston Tea Party was when the American Colonist got upset because of being taxed for tea so they dress up as Mohawk Indians sneaked onto three ships and dumped 342 chest of tea onto Boston harbor in 1773.the answer bellow is also correct although this answer is more detailed and has more information.The Boston Tea Party was when the American Colonist got mad because of being taxed for tea so they dress up as Indians and poured all the tea in the river.

Did the colonist dress up as native Americans in the Boston Tea Party?

Yes. The Sons Of Liberty were dressed as Indians during the time of the Boston Tea Party. It took place in 1773. They also dumped 45 tons of tea into the harbor.

Why did the colonist plan the Boston Tea Party?

to stop taxes. they were dressed up as Indians. the east Indian company helped the colonist plan it.

What was the dress code for the Boston tea party?

the colonist decided to support the native american to support the tea act?

Who of the Boston Tea Party?

the colonist !

What happend to the tea in the Boston Tea Party?

The colonist that dressed up as American Indians threww the tea into the Harbor.

What did the colonist dress up as at the Boston tea party?

Normal colonial clothing. It is part of the fable about the tea party that they were dressed as native americans. Never happened.

What started the revolutionary war the Boston massacre or the Boston tea party?

because the Indians got the tea and the colonist didn't want it so the dumped it in the sea

What was it called when colonist dumped tea into Boston harbor?

The Boston Tea Party.

How did the king know it wasn't really Indians who dumped tea during the Boston tea party?

Because the colonist were the angry ones about the tea

What are the main events that happened at the Boston tea party?

The colonist dressed up like mohawk Indians and dumped the british tea in the harbor

The colonist of Boston dumped tea into the Boston harbor in what has become known as the?

The Boston tea party.

Why did the members of the Sons of Liberty dress as Indians for the Boston Tea Party?

so the british wouldnt know it was the colonists...i think

What type of native Americans did the colonists dress as during the Boston Tea Party?

The colonist were NOT dressed as Indians. This is part of the myth of the Boston Tea party. The men who went on the ships that night were a group of smugglers who were upset because the tea tax had been LOWERED and the Dutch tea that they smuggled would have cost more to sell.

What caused colonists to take part in Boston Tea Party?

The colonist took parts in the Boston tea party because colonist decided to take boycott the tea.

What was one violent protest by the colonist?

the Boston Tea Party

Who was in the Boston Tea Party?

It was the Colonist V.S. the British Soldiers. It was the Colonist V.S. the British Soldiers.

Why did colonist dressed as Indians?

I believe you are referring to the Boston Tea Party, where some colonists dressed up as Indians boarded a British ship in Boston, MA harbor and threw the tea overboard into the water to protest the tea tax.

What did African Americans do at the Boston Tea Party?

actually it was the group of people dress as American Indians who threw the tea off the ship.

How did the colonist protest the Tea Act?

they had the Boston tea party (where they dumped the tea into the Boston harbor)

How did many colonist react to the Boston Tea Party?

sorry i dont no

What was their disguises at the Boston tea party?

At the original Boston Tea Party, the participants were disguised as Indians.