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Why did colonist want independince from Britain?

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What rightd did the colonist want from Britain?

to be free of their taxes.

What rights did the colonist want from Britain?

I dont know :) hehehheheh

What is the definition of loyalist?

A colonist who did not want independence from Britain for various reasons.

Why did the colonist want freedom from Britain?

because they didn't want to be taxed for everything ( and King George sucked )

Who wrote the decloration of independince?

Thomas Jefferson wrote most of the decloration of independince

Why was Great Britain taxing the colonist?

they were taxing great Britain because they wanted colonist to pay for the war with the french

Colonist who favored independence from Britain?

People who did not want independence from Great Britain were called loyalists, and people who favored independence from Great Britain were called patriots. WILLIAM U

What Britain gave the colonist?

The British gave colonist protection from the French.

Reason why colonist went to war with Britain?

The reason why the colonist went to fight Britain because they wanted their Independence their own freedom. They wanted to get a way from the British rule.The colonist were sick and try of being ruled by Britain

Why did the colonist pay taxes to the British?

Because Britain was in debt and for the Colonist to have land.

Why didn't Britain want American independence?

Britain didn't want Americans (colonist) to have freedom because of the king of course the king would rule his followers so British people (The Loyalist) followed what they said. Britain want other countries to trade and have money. The British always wanted to be on top of other countries. Britain thought if the colonist would stop trading they would lose the good trading stuff like crops from farmers

Why Britain tax the colonists?

Britain taxed the colonist because the need the money for the troops. The troops help protect the colonist for the Indians. If there was no money to help the soldiers the colonist would die.

What did the declaration of independince do?


Who was a colonist who was undecided about independence from Britain?

it is mallions

Britain imposed and colonist protested?


Who is a colonist who was undecided about independence from Britain?


Colonist who remained loyal to Britain?


What were the colonist loyal to Britain called?


An American colonist who supported the fight against Great Britain was known by what term?

A patriot. An American colonist that supported Great Britain was known as a Tory.

Why did Britain impose the stamp act and the townshend act on the colonist?

Britain needed money.

What did colonist do to avoid war?

The colonist avoided war with Great Britain by creathing the "Olive Branch Petition."

What is the word for a colonist who was undecided about their independence from Britain?


Colonist who was undecided about indenpence from Britain is called what?


What is the name of a colonist that remained loyal to Britain?


Did the colonist get their independence from the British government?

no, they fought britain for it