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To bring land into production meant clearing it and improving it. This meant controlling the land to make their efforts effective and sufficiently rewarding of the effort involved.

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Q: Why did farming societies feel a need to control land while hunter gathers did not?
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Why did farming societies feel a need to control land while hunter-gatherer societies did not?

Farming societies needed the land to grow their crops and raise their livestock on. Hunter-gatherers used the land to hunt wild game and gather berries and plants to eat and for medicinal purposes.

What is true about hunter gathers societies?

They followed herds and gathered food. They were nomadic.

What is the difference in hunter gatherers and early farming societies?

simple to have food

How were plows a major contribution in Mesopotamia?

The plow was a major contribution in Mesopotamia because the plow would help the hunter gathers with farming and the hunter gathers would be able to settle in anywhere.

What is the shift from hunting to gathering to farming called-?

The shift from hunter-gathers to farming was made from the switch from the paleolithic revolution to the neolithic revolution

What tools did hunter gatherers use when they were farming?

The tools that hunter gathers used when they were farming came from the things in nature that they found. Some tools were made from wood, stone, and animal bones.

What led people to begin farming?

People began farming when they settled down in one place and were no longer constantly on the move as 'hunter gathers'.

What statements differentiates Hunter gather societies from more complex civilizations?

You did not give us any following statements.

Who are the hunter-gathers?

A hunter-gatherer, was the ancestral subsistence mode of Homo, and all modern humans until around 10,000 years ago. Following the invention of agriculture hunter-gatherers have been displaced by farming or pastoralist groups in most parts of the world. Only a few contemporary societies are classified as hunter-gatherers, and many supplement, sometimes extensively, their foraging activity with farming and/or keeping animals.

Why did human switch from hunter-gatherer societies to farming communities?

because of the race changes!

Why did human switch from hunter gatherer societies to farming communities?

because of the race changes!

Why did the Indian civilization begin in the northern plains?

it began their because of hunter gathers also a great place to be farming at.

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