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For his own enjoyment

The angels instinctively worshiped Allah Almighty. He was like a hidden treasure. He wished to be known. He wished that someone should seek Him, discover Him, strive to meet Him. Someone should worship Him with his own will. Someone should love Him. Somebody should stand in prayer before Him. Somebody should shed tears in His love. So, He created Man. Man, who loves Him because He is his Creator, Sustainer, Provider and Lover. Man gets up in the thick of night, performs ablution and stands before Him..... Only Lovers know what Love is. It is to be Felt not to be described.

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Did god make more than Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve had children.

Why did God put Adam to sleep to make eve?

Adam was put to a deep sleep as god took his rib to create Eve.

Did God marry Adam and Eve?

God did not marry Adam and Eve he created them.

Who created Adam and Eve if god was not born yet?

God created Adam and Eve.

Where did came from Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve were created from God

Who was created after Adam and Eve?

adam and eve were created by God

Did god take a rib from Adam to make eve?


Why did God make it possible for Adam and eve to do wrong?

To have free-will.

Where did Adam and Eve came from?

Adam and Eve were created by Jehovah (God).

Why did Adam and Eve came to earth?

God created Adam and Eve

Who first found out how to make a baby?

Adam and Eve. god taught eve in her dreams (i think)

When did god make us?

God made our ancestors at the begining of time: Adam and Eve.

Did god make Adam and Eve at the same time?

no god made adom first

Did GOD foreordain Adam and Eve's disobedience?

God did not make/hope/cause Adam & Eve to sin; it was there own free will.

After Adam and Eve sinned what did god make for them after they sinned?

Adam and Eve separated themselves from God's perfect world, and brought about physical suffering and pain to Adam and Eve and all people that followed them.

What did God use to make clothes for Adam and Eve?

According to Genesis God made Adam and Eve clothes out of coats of skins, presumably animal hides. Whether God created them out of nothing, or killed the animals to make them, is not revealed.

Who did Adam and Eve come from?

God created Adam from the ground. Adam in Hebrew means ground. After Adam, God took a bone from Adam and used it to create Eve.

Were Adam and Eve made at the same time?

No not at all first God created Adam and then Eve, we are not sure after how long God made Eve.

Did Adam and Eve just appear?

No Adam and Eve were not there by accident, they were created by god, Adam from the clay and Eve from one of Adams rib.

Why did God make the first covenant when he knew Adam and Eve would break it?

God created this covenant between him and Adam and eve to show us that Jesus would come to save us from our sins and also to see if Adam and Eve would trust him.

When Adam said that Eve came from him. why did he say it was from his flesh?

Because Jehovah (God) took ribs and flesh from Adam and used it to make Eve.

Why did god call Adam and Eve Adam and Eve why not call them some other names?

Adam resembled the Hebrew word for dust or earth (adamah) that he was made out of and Adam named Eve Eve because Eve resembles the word for living, and she was the mother of all living. For the record, God did not name her Eve, Adam did.

How did Adam and Eve see God?

Adam and Eve were made in heaven and they stayed or live in heaven... And they saw GOD since then.. Adam and Eve were made in heaven and they stayed or live in heaven... And they saw GOD since then..

Who Adam and Eve parents?

Adam and Eve did not have any earthly parents as they were created by god.

How did Adam and Eve get here?

God created Adam in His image, and then God took one of Adam's ribs out and made Eve

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