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Hamilton defended the Loyalists as a matter of personal principle. He believed that the persecution of Loyalists was in clear violation of the Treaty of Paris, and that it would weaken the character of the country. He therefore saw defending the Loyalists as worthwhile.

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Q: Why did hamilton defend the loyalists?
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Why did Hamilton defend Loyalists in court after the American Revolution?

why did hamilton defend the loyalists in court after the american revolution

What is the political difference between patriots and loyalists?

Loyalists support the leaders, patriots defend their country. During the American Revolution Loyalists supported the rule of the English King while Patriots wanted a new government for the colonies (they were not states yet).

Who did hamilton defend at freedom of press trial?

John Peter Zenger

Did george mason or alexander Hamilton defend the constitution in the federalist papers?

Alexander Hamilton defended the Constitution in the Federalist Papers. Meaning he was a Federalist.

Why did Alexander Hamilton defend John Peter zenger and free speech?

because he is a man

What would loyalists have said about the patriots common sense?

Loyalists were loyal to the British crown, they probably wouldn't have liked the patriots, but respected their need to defend their country and agreed that their sense was okay, but still thought they were supporting the wrong country.

Why did andrew hamilton defend john zenger and free speach?

It's called get a book and do it yourself

Defend alexander hamilton's stance in flavor of the creation of a national bank?

I don't even know sorry

How did Alexander Hamilton defend each part of his economic plan?

he defended his plan by paying the UN to fund it.

Supported great Britain after the sining of the Declaration of Independence?

Those who remained loyal to Britain were known as loyalists, or United Empire Loyalists.

Who were the Tories?

The Tories were loyalists. For example, after the US Declaration of Independence, people started taking sides, either as a patriot or as a loyalist. If you were a loyalist, you were one who remained loyal to the king and felt you had to defend England. If you were a patriot, you supported independence. The Tories were members of a political party called Loyalists that existed in the 17th and 19th centuries.

Another name for the American tories?