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During World War II, it was Adolf Hitler himself who created problems for both Germany and the German military by deciding to invade the Soviet Union. Why he did so is quite clear: he grossly underestimated the fighting ability, the general morale, and the industrial capacity of the Soviet Union, among other things. What he predicted to be a war of a single campaign turned out to be a four-year inferno that ended in the destruction of Nazi Germany.

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Q: Why did he create problems for the German army by deciding to invade Russia?
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Why did Hitler create problems for the German Army by deciding to invade Russia?

Well, I think It is commonly believed that the invasion of Russia was one of Hitler's greatest strategic blunders. Up to that point the German war machine had conquered and subjugated all her enemies (except for Britain), while at the same time Russia had been providing her with much needed resources such as oil and wheat. England's position was deteriorating quickly and the United States was still neutral. The invasion of Russia cut off those precious supplies, and even though the Russians took unprecedented losses the Germans ultimately failed to take Moscow and suffered heavily in the winter that followed. While this event is usually judged by the results, it must be remembered how close the Russians came to collapsing, and had Hitler had concentrated on taking Moscow instead of switching the axis of advance during the campaign, the Germans would have likely won the war. The invasion of Russia in 1941 offered Hitler the best chance of winning World War 2. DO YOU OWN HW NEXT TIME!!!!

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