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WW2 and the Cold WarThere were certainly other contributing factors, but yes, you could say that the situation at the end of World War II led to the Cold War situation in Europe and Southeast Asia.

There were many reasons for the cold war and a lot this had to do with relations between the USA and the USSR (Russia). Russia wanted to spread communism through Eastern Europe to create a buffer zone to protect them from any future German invasions, (27 million people died in Russia during ww2) however USA wanted to prevent the spread. Also another reason was the fact that America had dropped the first Atomic Bomb and wouldn't let USSR in on the secret.

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Q: Did the aftermath of World War 2 lead to the Cold War?
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what was the aftermath in econemy and censes created by world war 1

What were the Cold War fears of the American people in the aftermath of World War 2?

Mainly the spread of communism. Americans also viewed the USSR as a nuclear threat.

What was the cold war and where did it begin?

The Cold War was a 40 year standoff between the US and the USSR. It began in the aftermath of WW2, when communism came to a rise and the Soviet Union was really formed, and became a world power.

What was the aftermath in World War 1?

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What was the aftermath of World War 2?

Creation of the United NationsEmergence of the United States and the Soviet Union as superpowersBeginning of the Cold WarCollapse of the British and French empires

Why did the cold war lead to a new western world?

now do you mean after the cold war or during. if during it was from all the fear of nuclear attack

What war did the conclusion of World War 2 lead to?

It caused the vietnamese and the cold war. Because of nuclear power and the raise of Americas power

The aftermath of pearl harbor after World War 2?

Rebuilding and memorials.

Hostility between the US and the Soviet Union that lasted from the 1940s to the early 1990s?

{| |- | That would be the Cold War which began as an aftermath to World War 2 in the mid-40's. It lasted about 45 years. Most consider the end of the Cold War to be with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991. |}

What does the cold war lead to?

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Why was World War 2 considered to be one of the most pivotal turning points?

because after ww2 ended it lead to the cold war

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The Versailles treaty. which eventually led to WWII