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There are a number of factors involved, some rooting back almost 100 years, Japan as nation state really came into being after the Meiji restoration in 1867, which began the process that ended its long history of feudal wars and warlords. As part of that movement , Japan began to quickly industrialize and establish itself as a legitimate power, indeed by the early 1900's it took on Czarist Russia and defeated it sounded both on land and at sea. This created a growing sense of nationalism at home and coupled with a system of emperor worship and militarism made Japan a very aggressive nation. It saw its future in industrialization and expansion but Japan being an island did not have the resources to support this. So the Japan took steps to secure raw material by first occupying Korea and setting up a puppet state in Manchuria (modern day NE China). It continued this pattern of expansion into many other countries and eventually launching an invasion of China proper after using a staged attack on Japanese troops as provocation much like Hitler's invasion of Poland (see Marco Polo Bridge Incident). This cause widespread international condemnation and the United States decided to cut off oil to Japan as a result. Realizing that without oil the Japanese war effort would grind to a halt, the Japanese Navy decided to gamble and expand the war. Knowing that this would lead to conflict with the US, it planned the infamous attack on Pearl Harbour, launching the bloody war in the Pacific.

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Who was involed in war world 2?

The USA, UK, France, Russia and China verses Germany, Italy and Japan.

How did the US get involed in World War 2?

Why did the US get involved with world war 2?

Was the US involed in world war 2?


In what year did the us get involed in world war 2?

December, 1941

Why did America get involed in world war 2?

google pearl harbor

What countries in Asia was not involed in World War 2?

How many countries took part in the world war two?

When did the US get involed in world war 2?

when the japanies bombed pearl harbor

Why did the soviets get involed in world war 2?

Because the Germans invaded USSR.

Did Japan benefit from World War 2?

No Japan did not benefit from World War 2.

What happened in 1941 in world war 2?

A bunch of stuff like Canada being involed in the war

Why was the united natons formed?

to make peace betweeen the countries involed in the the war of world war 2

How many years was the US involed in World War 2?

Almost four years.

Did any parts of Africa take part in World War 2?

Yes almost all of africa was involed.All of the MAIN countries were involed.

Who was involvd in World War 2 -?

most of the world was involed with only a few neutral contries therefore appropeately named WORLD WAR II

When did the us become involed in World War 2?

"Involved" is a catch all word here. We supplied weapons and supplies to the British before declaring war on Japan (right after Pearl Harbor) and the axis countries.

Was Sweden involed in World War 2?

Explicitly, no. They did, however, trade a lot with Nazi Germany.

Did japan win the World War 2?

Japan was defeated in World War II.

What was reason for US involvement in World War 2?

They got involed in the war because the Japanese bombed pearl harbour.

Who was the real world leader in Japan during World War 2?

Hideki Tojo was the leader of japan in world war 2.

Why did Germany go into war with Japan in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2. They were not at war with each other.

What was Japan called in World War 2?


How many people were there in the World War 2 altogether?

Over 10 million people were involed in ww2

How was Thailand involed in the Axis World War 2 alliance?

Thailand supplied sympathizer's to the Japanese Army.

World War 2 atomic bombing in Japan?

Hitler started world war 2 then japan got involved

Start of World War 2 with japan?

Japan attacked Manchuria, this causing the second world war.