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Why did juan ponce de leon sail to Florida?

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He went to find the fountain of youth

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Ponce de leon (Juan Ponce De Leon) sailed from Spain and sailed to Florida!

Juan Ponce De Leon was trying to sail to Florida to find the Fountain of Youth

Juan Ponce de Leon sailed for Spain.

Juan Ponce de Leon explored Florida in 1513. However, he also sailed with Christopher Columbus in 1493.

Juan Ponce De Leon sailed to Florida, Cuba, Bahamas, Hisponiola, and Puerto Rico.

He sailed to Florida(which he named), Purto Rico, and Hispaniola.

Ponce de Leon set sail from Spain in 1521.

well first he sailed to Florida then some other places

Juan Ponce de Leon first sailed with Columbus on his second voyage in 1493. He made his last voyage, to Florida, in 1521.

Juan Ponce De Leon sailed with Christopher Columbus on many different occasions for many different expeditions. Some expeditions even to Japan...& of course Florida.

Ponce de Leon mostly visited Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and Florida.

he was Spanish sailed for Spain

He left on the 12th of june in 1508

Adventurer Ponce de Leon, who first set eyes on the Keys on May 15, 1513

West. That is why he found Florida and named it.

he sailed in 1493 to what we now call Florida. No, he did not sail to Florida in 1493, that is the date he sailed from Spain to what we now call the Caribbean. His first expedition to Florida took place in 1513.

Juan Ponce de Leon was sent to Puerto Rico by the Spanish Crown to find gold that was reported to be there. The Crown then sent him to search for new land for them to conquer.

de Leon did sail with Christopher Columbus infact they traveled in 1493.

Ponce de leon set sail in march of 1513

to eat unicorns and bugs and to marry the gummy drop queen

he lked to sail and do things with christerpher columbus

no one told him to sail he found out abut the voyages that cristopher Columbus went on and wanted to voyage out to

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