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Why did lincoln decide to free the slaves?

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Besides being the right thing to do, it prevented England and France from interceding on the side of the South, and it sent a message to the states in rebellion that they would lose their slaves unless they rejoined the Union before the next January 1st.

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Was Abraham Lincoln black?

Abraham Lincoln was not a black man.No he was American(caucasian), but in order to keep America together he decide to free slaves.

What did Lincoln sigh to free slaves?

Abraham Lincoln signed a billl to free the slaves . his wife Mary todd had slaves work for her.

Who wanted to free slaves?

Abraham Lincoln wanted to free the slaves.

How did Abraham Lincoln kill slaves?

Abraham Lincoln did not kill any slaves. He worked to free them.

Why did Lincoln not free slaves that remained loyal to the union?

Abraham Lincoln didn't free slaves because,the south seceded from the Union.

Who freed slaves in California?

Abraham Lincoln set the slaves free.

Which president set the black slaves free?

Abraham LincolnLincoln

How did lincoln free slaves?

Emancipation Proclamation

Which president free the slaves?

Abraham Lincoln.

Who made slaves free in the west?


Why did Lincoln issue the emancipation do?

To Free the Slaves

Who urged Lincoln to free slaves as a morale issue?

Fredrick Douglas urged Lincoln to free the slaves as a Moral Issue, but it raised morale as well.

How many slaves did Lincoln free?

0 - it took the 13th Amendment to free the slaves. Lincoln had no constitutional authority for the Emancipation Proclamation and he knew it.

What are important things about Frederick Douglass?

He helped try to free slaves and he was a good frind to Lincoln He helped try to free slaves and he was a good frind to Lincoln

Who did Lincoln free the slaves from?

Lincoln fought to free the slaves from the south, places like Georgia, Florida etc. as opposed to the people in the north who did not use slavery.

How did Lincoln save the slaves?

Abraham Lincoln saved the slaves by creating the 13th Amendment. This amendment allowed most slaves to become free in 1864.

Did Abraham Lincoln free the slaves in Canada?

Lincoln had no jurisdiction over Canada.

When Lincoln freed the slaves?

On September 22, 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation to free all the slaves.

What might have influenced Abraham Lincoln?

Books might have influenced him to free the slaves. He did free the slaves, and he was are 16th president.

Why was Abraham Lincoln elected?

he would free the slaves

Why did Abraham Lincoln do to free the slaves?

because he that Deal . . . . .!

When did Abraham Lincoln let slaves free?


Who let all the slaves free?

abraham lincoln

What did Lincoln issue to free slaves?

The Emancipation Proclamation

Did abraham lincoln free the blacks?

Not exactly, he freed the slaves, not all slaves were black.