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Why did men join the navy of pearl harbor?


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There is no such country as 'Pearl Harbour" and thus there is no 'navy of pearl harbour'.

Pearl Harbour is a US harbour in the Hawaiian islands and thus the navy based there is the US Navy and US citizens who want to defend their country will join that navy to do so.


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Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, were affected by Pearl Harbor, as many men left their families to join the army. About 4,000 people were killed in the actual attack.

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The Japanese landed a massive air strike on unsuspecting US infantry and navy men in Pearl Harbor. Kamikaze planes would dive bomb into US ships, killing men and damaging ships.

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Was Melvin Meyers in Army at Pearl Harbor in 1941

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US Soldiers were NOT the first to fire at the enemy at Pearl Harbor. US Sailors were the first men to open fire at the enemy at Pearl Harbor. US Crewmen aboard the US Navy destroyer USS Ward, sank a Japanese Mini-Submarine (Midget Sub) prior to the aerial attack.

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2,388 Americans were killed.

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