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Why did men treat woman as property in the 1700s?

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Because women are indeed property of men even today. It is because majority of men enjoy dominating their wives and majority of women enjoy submitting to their husbands. Something biological I guess. Women talking like a feminist change after finding a loving dominant partner.

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How did men treat women in the 1800's?

The world has come a long way as far as equal rights. In the 1800's a woman was treated as property and often abused.

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How did men treat women in 1600?

Very poorly. Women were considered property and had no rights. They couldn't own property, have an education, nor have a business.

Why should men treat a pregnant woman with respect?

Because everyone should be treated with respect.

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How do Muslim men treat American woman?

They take them in there caves and make them their wives to be in there ave forever.

How did ancient Greek men treat women?

they treated them okay not as good as a person now would but okay did you know the men were a property of the women in ancient greece

Who can vote in the 1700s?

For the better part of the 1700s, most people did not have the right to vote. Men in England had the right to vote and that was about the extent of it.

How did Christopher Columbus treat the natives where he explored?

He treated them badly. He raped the woman, shot the men, and burned the kids alive.

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Like American women treat men.

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What were two ways women in the 1700s worked for equal rights?

the two ways woman worked for there equal right was the right to vote and to also have every thing equal for both men and women.

How do Jewish men treat women?

They're supposed to treat them with respect. Unfortunately, there ARE abusive Jewish men.

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Men are woman

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