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Why did non-Jewish German citizens support the violence of the Nazi government against the Jews?


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April 10, 2016 1:51PM

Hitler and the Nazis argued that they had a solution for the rampant inflation, mass unemployment, and general insecurity in the country. All the people would need to do would be to support the Nazis in hunting down those deemed "responsible" for this chaos. Preferring to be saved from their current situation, most Germans were willing to tolerate the vast inhumanity and cruelty visited upon the Jews, Romani, Slavs, Political Dissidents, Handicapped, Homosexual, and Mentally Insane.

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April 10, 2016 1:48PM

Answer 1

Not all Germans believed as Hitler and some even tried to help as many Jews as they could, but some supported his every decision. Some of Hitler's followers believed that if you weren't like them then you were impure and unworthy to live in the same world as they did. They supported anything that would rid the world of the impure and unworthy, even if it was harsh and violent.

Answer 2

because of the nazi propaganda brainwashing the non-Jewish German people into believing the Jews were the cause of all their problems, and that the Jews were sub-human. Goebbels said, (if you tell a lie long enough it will become the truth).