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why did other scientist not accpet Alfred Wegeners theory

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Q: Why did other scientists not accept Alfred Wegeners theory?
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Why were most scientists disagreeing with Alfred Wegeners continental drift theory?

There was no evidence to prove it

Why didn't scientists believe Alfred wegeners theory abotu contintal drift?

because he was a fat battyboy

How many scientists accept Alfred wegener's continental drift theory?

Alfred Wegener's continental drift theory has subsequently been honed by scientific discoveries to the more all-inclusive plate tectonic theory which is generally accepted by earth scientists.

How did Alfred Wegeners theory support the theory of seafloor spreading?

He supported the Seafloor Spreading Theory by first discovering the Continental Drift Theory.

What is the theory that plates have moved apart over tmie?

Alfred Wegeners 1912 theory of Plate tectonics and continental drift.

Do you believe in Alfred wegeners theory?

they though he was crazy and became his critics

What made scientists accept Alfred wegener theory years later?

Accumulating data, especially proof of sea floor spreading.

Why was wegeners theory so different?

Wegener's theory of continental drift is supported by a vast quantity of evidence, which is why scientists have accepted it.

Why did many scientists not accept the early theiories of continental drifts?

Alfred Wegener did not have the "HOW" factor- because of no evidence on the process, they could not believe his theory.

What do scientists think about the theory of evolution?

The overwhelming majority of scientists accept the theory of evolution by natural selection. Any scientists that do not accept the theory usually do so for religious reasons.

What do scientists now know about earth that would have answered the scientists who rejected wegeners theory?

the sea-floor spreading, and the movement of tectonic plates

Who are the scientists who proposed the theory of continental drift?

alfred wegner