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Why did people come to Georgia?

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religious freedom

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When did people come to Georgia?

they came to Georgia in1839

Why did Georgia encourage people to come to Georgia?

Not exactly, but very close.

What was a catchy slogan to get people to come to colonial Georgia?

Georgia: We be the pirates arghhh

Why should people come live in Georgia?

because Georgia is a interesting and beautiful state

What are some traditions in Georgia?

People don't actually all know what are the traditions but the traditions are known as just people trying to get you to come there to Georgia.

Do people love Miley Cyrus in Georgia?

yes, they love her very much! and they want to come miley to Georgia.

Why should people come to the Colony of Georgia?

Georgia traded indigo , rice and sugar.Georgia was the only colony of the thirteen that received financial aid by a vote of Parliament .The settlers were to have their land free of rent for ten years.If you come to Georgia we have people willing to do your work from you!(:hot summers, rainy, warm winters, humid.

Where did the first settlers of Georgia come from?

Georgia....the country Georgia

Why did people come to Georgia in the 1700's?

so they could tickle elmo

Will Orlando Bloom come in Georgia?

tbilisi Georgia or state Georgia?

Why did people come to colonial Georgia?

People came to colonial Georgia because it was a fresh opportunity to get more land. It had great soil and the natives were much more peaceful and were willing to negotiate and such.

What role did religion play in colonial Georgia?

all people who were in a search for religious freedom were allowed to come to colonial Georgia, all except catholics.

Reason why people chosen to come to Georgia?

avoid winter in the norther part on the US, family

Why did colonists come to Georgia?

The first 35 colonists came to Georgia because the the trustees wanted hardworking people with different skills to start and run the colony.

Number one thing people come to do in Georgia?

i don't no I'm trying to find out the same thing

How gay people live Georgia?

Gay people live in Georgia the same way straight people live in Georgia.

When did FFA come to Georgia?

The Georgia FFA Association was chartered in 1929.

How do people earn a living in Georgia?

People in Georgia do fishing for a living.

Who elects the governor of Georgia?

the people of Georgia.

What do people in Georgia do for a living?

they do georgia stuff

Where does the name Georgia come from?

The stae of Georgia is named after King George of England

Who were the groups of people that settled in Georgia?

the people who settled Georgia were English Debtors.

Why Georgia is a great best friend?

Since no one here knows Georgia, you are going to have to be the one to answer the question. Best friends are hard to come by and what makes one depends on the people involved.

Has bigfoot been in Georgia before?

People have had sightings of him in Georgia. It is possible he is in Georgia.

Why did the people who settled in Georgia decide to be come a state?

Because they wanted to make it a state so they can not have other states be meanies