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Why did people move to the 13 colonies?


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close to England. wanted a different religion.


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What did the people in the thirteen colonies eat

People who lived in the original 13 colonies were known as colonists. i am doing a history report on the 13 colonies it was part of mt test homework

Come to the middle colonies, all of your dreams are bursting at our seams! :)

They were never called that because of any reason at all. They were only called the 13 Original Colonies.

How many people was living in the 13 colonies in July 1776?

people moved away from the southern colonies cause off slavery

New York does have 13 colonies. New York is one of the biggest cities in America.

I found out that there was 2,500,000 people living in the 13 colonies in 1776!

The people in Europe decided to move to the colonies during the 1600s and 1700s because they wanted religious freedom.

Because they were colonies (later became states) and there were 13 of them

Not all of the 13 colonies were royal.

people that belonged to great Britain and its 13 colonies

The colonies were created by the different groups of people who came from England and settled in America.

At some point all 13 colonies had slaves. They were not just owned by rich farmers. Even working class people in the Northern colonies owned slaves.

The people in Europe decided to move to the colonies during the 1600s and 1700s because they sought religious freedom and the opportunity for a better life.

Georgia is the southern most of the 13 colonies.

its because of they thought that they needed democracy.

Pennsylvania was one of the 13 colonies

what was the year of the 13 colonies?

yes it does have 13 colonies

The Answer is ... The 13 Colonies DIED

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