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Q: Why did political leaders create a weak national government for the new nation?
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Who are the political leaders of the US who help create the system of government?

the framers

Which was a fundamental goal of the Virginia Plan?

To create a strong national government. A+LS

Who hired artist create paintings and sculpture?

Aristocrats, the Church, and Political Leaders mostly.

Which is not a function of political amendments?

Creator a perfect government

Did the Constitution create a stronger national or state government?

yes, the constitution created a stronger national government :)

Did the national labor relations act create the first union for government employees?

Did the national labor relatons act create the first union for government employees?

How did the lack of a strong national government create problems?

the lack of a strong national government is the people behind the government helping the government pass all the test to become a national government on its own.

Did the constitution also create a weaker national government?

no, it did not.

When did the government create national parks in Florida?


Why the Founding Fathers created a government structure with a weak national government?

They didn’t create a weak national government, but one with a balanced set of powers.

Why were the political divisions of the Roman Empire used to create an hierarchy of leaders for the early Church?

The spread of Christianity provided local religious leaders - bishops - not political ones. Constantine harnessed the bishops as a secondary means of control to supplement his political control.

What type of national government did the Constitution create?

A Federal Republic