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Why did russia pull out of ww1?

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they were to gay

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Who was The first country to pull out of ww1?

Russia was the first country to pull out of World War 1. In March of 1918 Russia signed the Treaty of Brest-Lovisk. This made peace between Russia and Germany.

What side was Russia on in WW1?

russia was on the Allies side during ww1

Why did Britain declare war on russia ww1?

Britain did NOT declare war on Russia in WW1. Russia was an ally of Britain in that war (and WW2).

When did Russia leave WW1?


How Russia affected by the ww1?

they were hungry

Why did Russia enter WW1?

Russia wanted to protect the Slavic peoples of Serbia

What was the effect of Russia leaving World War 1?

russia had won the ww1

Did russia drop out of WW1?

no they helped win it

How long was Russia in ww1?

4 months

What country left ww1 in 1917?


Which county has the most soldiers in ww1?


Was Finland part of russia after ww1?


When did russia quit ww1?

The end of 1917.

Why did Russia pull out of World War 1?

Russia did not have the industrial, financial or administrative infrastructure to fight a long and difficult war - and was defeated. Edit: Russia Pulled out of WW1 because their was a civil war going on between the Red Army (Communists) and the White Army (Democracy).

Who was the leader of Russia during WW1?

During World War One Russia was run by Tsar Nicholas II until he abdicated in 1917. In 1918 the Bolshevik Revolution, lead by Vladimir Lenin, overthrew the provisional government and eventually caused Russia to surrender and pull out of the fighting.

Triple entente in ww1?

UK, France and Russia

When did Russia join ww1?

1914. But they left in 1917.

Which country suffered the biggest loss in ww1?


Which country had the largest army during ww1?


Who ruled Russia in WW1?

Tsar Nicholas ll

Leader of Russia at the end of the ww1?

Vladimir Lenin.

Russia was defeated in this early battle ww1?


What did Russia lose when it pulled out of WW1?

Alot of land

What was the capital of Russia before ww1?

Saint Petersburg.

Was Peter the Great the Czar of Russia when WW1 started?