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Why did some countries stay neutral in World War 2?

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== == In all conflicts some powers stay neutral. Generally it was because the neutral nation saw no need to get involved. Wars are costly in money and usually bloody. They can lead to destabilizing conditions for all involved parties, even victors. As such, a wise national leader will consider all options before resorting to war.

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Why did some countries not fight in World War 2?

They wanted to stay neutral-out of the war

Why did some countries stay neutral during world war 2?

Because it was in their own self interest.

How did countries stay neutral during World War 1?

They just didn't pick a side to fight for.

Why did some country's stay neutral in World War 2?

some country's stayed neutral because they didn't want to get involved in world war 2

Why did Britain not stay neutral?

because they had to back up other countries when they got in war

Did Norway stay neutral in world war 1?

Yes they did.

Why did the US want to stay neutral during World War 1?

Because they saw it as a war that did not involve them and did not want to spend lives defending foreign countries

Why did Sweden stay neutral during World War 2?

To stay safe and make money

Did USA stay neutral at the outbreak of World War 2?


Why did us wanted to stay neutral?

Because the U.S. was allies with France and Great Britian. So George Washington wanted to stay neutral and after his term, he didnt want the U.S. to make treaties with foiegn countries.

Why did the Us stay neutral in World War I?

The U.S. stayed neutral during the world war 1 because President Wilson thought that them being neutral could somehow end the war.

Did America really believe they could stay neutral during World War I?

America is a large country whose people have many different opinions. Some Americans believed that America could remain neutral during World War 1, some believed that America could but should not stay neutral, and some believed that America could not stay neutral. Initially, those in favor of neutrality were the vast majority. Eventually those supporting participation in the war became a larger and larger fraction of the population, until they were so large that a declaration of war became politically possible.

What does it mean for a country to stay neutral?

to not pick a side in a world war! e.g Switzerland was neutral during world war 2, they did not help the allies or the axis

Why did luxemburg stay neutral during World War 1?

they can not go to the bathroom

Did The US Try To Stay Neutral During World War 2?


Why did the US stay neutral in World War 2 before Pearl Harbor?

They didn't want war. They wanted to stay neutral so they could lose as little lives as possible.

How did the US benefit from staying neutral in World War 1?

The us benefited staying neutral during WWI Economic wise. Staying neutral means not picking sides, which ultimatly means we can sell war goods and supplies to both countries fighting in the war. This would make the U.S more money, at the time this was enough for us to stay neutral.

Why was Belgium neutral?

In order to gain its Independence Belgium had to promise to stay neutral in the world economy and in wars, this was decided by the Grand Alliance in 1831, but after WW1 a lot had happened and they couldn't stay neutral anymore. The country had to stay independent, but its people fought back against the oppressor, like the resistance.

How did most Americans feel at the beginning of world war 1?

Americans in the begging of world war one wondered my we were there. They believed that it was Europe's problem and we should remain out of other countries affairs. Americans wanted to stay neutral so that they could keep on importing and exporting to all countries.

Why was Switzerland able to stay a neutral country during world war 2?

Switzerland declared itself neutral. And billions of dollars were stored in Swiss banks belonging to both Allied and Axis countries. All tacitly agreed to leave Switzerland alone, obviously.

What did Washington's farewell address say?

He wanted the nations to stay neutral and out of alliances with other countries to avoid war and conflict.

What was the us policy at the beginning of World War II?

They wanted to stay and remain neutral at the beginning.

Why did the US decide to stay neutral at the beginning of World War 2?

because they were practicing isolationism

Was it right for US to stay neutral in World War 1?

They didn't. They entered late, In 1917

What was the initial policy of the US at the beginning of both World War 1 and World War 2?

To stay neutral and not get involved.