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Why did someone change your question?

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Questions and answers on Wiki Answers start out as an exchange of information between individuals. One person asks a question. Another person answers them. But that is just the beginning. We are not just a Q&A board. We are a "FAQ Farm." We grow Q&A into information resources that are useful to many people. As part of this process, we generalize questions that have personal details or particulars.

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How do you stop someone from get into your email account?

change password, change security question, change back-up email address.

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How do you get someone to answer your question?

It depends what the question is - and whether someone who knows the answer has viewed it !

What does it mean when a question or answer is vetted on this website?

Some questions and/or answers - may have been worded badly, in which case, someone can change the question or answer to make it more 'user-friendy'.

How can you change the question into a statement?

you put, change this question to a statement.

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How do you find a question?

You find a question by typing a question in the bar at the top that says: Enter a question here ... Hopefully, someone already asked that question and someone already answered it, so you get an answer to your question.

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Post your question on Someone there will know Although I'm a C4 owner, I have a diesel!

What is the word for someone who answers a question with a question?

There is no word for this.

What is a retricol question?

A question someone asks but the question doesn't need/want an answer.

Is it illegal to change someone password in an email account?

Is it illeagal to change someone elses password?

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