Why did sting join tna?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Because, WWE acquired WCW and Sting did not want to work for WWE. He wanted to continue his professional Wrestling career and when TNA offered him a good contract, he joined them.

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Q: Why did sting join tna?
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Did sting retire from tna?

Watch TNA Now, NO!

Who is the best in tna i think sting?

I think its STING!

Did Sting quit TNA?

In January of 2014, Sting was in a match against TNA wrestler Magnus in a no disqualification, no count out match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Due to Sting losing he match his contract was terminated. In February of 2014, TNA confirmed Sting's departure from the company.

Is TNA wrestler sting good?


Does tna's sting have a girlfriend?


Is sting WWE dead?

no he is in tna.

Sting of tna?

Steve Bordman

Where was sting before he was in tna?

Sting was with the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) and WCW (World Championship Wrestling) before he joined TNA

Who did sting debut with in tna?

Jeff Jarrett

Is sting from TNA going to retire soon?


Why is sting missing from nwa?

he went to tna

What is sting from tna's name?

Scott Boo