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Why did the Allies want to capture Hitler?

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Because he was the most wanted man by just about every country in the world. He was a war criminal and they wanted to try him for his crimes.

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When was Hitler tried for treason?

No, he killed his wife and committed suicide before the Allies could capture him.

What happened to Hitler as a resilt of the allies closing in on the axis powers?

Hitler terminated his own life April 30, 1945 to avoid capture .

What did the allies do to punish hilter?

Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945 in order to avoid capture.

Why wouldn't Hitler capture Germany?

Hitler was incharge of germany- he did not have to capture it.

Why were Hitler and Stalin brief allies?

Stalin wasn't prepared for war and Hitler didn't want a two front war.

Why did the Allies plan to capture Gallipoli?

the allies wanted to capture gallipoli so they could get supplies to the Russians

What resource did Hitler want to capture by attacking the southern soviet union?

Oil Fields

Did Hitler want to commit suicide?

Hitler did want to commit suicide because hsi plans went wrong and he didn't want to live through Winston Churchill declaring victory to the Allies.

When did allies capture Okinawa?

the allies captured Okinawa in June of 1945

Was Japan and Hitler allies?

Yes they were allies, Hitler declared war on the u.s. because u.s. declared war on japan

When did the Allies capture Naples Italy?


Did Adolph Hitler capture leningrad?

No .

Did the allies defeat Hitler?

Yes he was.

How did the Allies defeat Hitler?


Was hitler allies or axis?


Who were the people that opposed Hitler?

the allies

Was Russia siding with Hitler or the Allies?

Russia was more with the Allies because Hitler captured Russia Russia sided with both sides

What was the reaction of the allies when Adolf Hitler attacked Britain?

The allies were alarmed to be attached by Adolf Hitler. They were afraid of German expansionism and of what would happen to the Allies if Germany won the war.

Why did Hitler want Poland Nazi-Soviet Pact besides having a little more land?

Hitler wanted to keep allies with Russia of which Poland was a neighboring state.

Who turned Hitler in?

Hitler was not turned in to the Allies, instead he killed his wife and himself.

Did Adolf Hitler get defeated by the us?

Hitler was defeated by the Allies which the U.S.A. was apart of!

How did Hitler and Nazis End?

The government was defeated by the allies and Hitler was to have killed him self.

Did russia capture Hitler?

no but they did reclaim his remains

How did they capture Hitler?

He committed suicide and was not captured.

How many Jews did Hitler capture?