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Why did the British fail to defend Singapore?

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Many of the senior officers were incompetent and very ignorant. Steeped in racism, they assumed that the Japanese were a bit of a joke as soldiers. The main reason in my opinion is because the British were told to retreat when necessary but they mistook it and retreated before the Japanese came.

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How does defending Singapore affect Singapore?

Prostitutes at Geylang will not be killed if we defend Singapore

What were the two British warships sent to defend Singapore?

The HMS Prince of Wales and the HMS Repulse were sent to Singapore to aid in it's defense and both were sunk by Japanese aircraft.

How you can help to defend Singapore?

Fight for Singapore and choosing the right leaders to lead,

What was Singapore's defence in World War 2?

Singapore defence was not good enough the british have not enough weapons to bring to Singapore as they were fighting another war,so they used sll the ww1 weapons to defend that's why Singapore fell into the hands of the Japanese.Singapore defence was planned well but the british thought that the Japanese will come by ships and place all the cannons at the beach-but the Japanese outwitted the british the rode bicycles to Singapore.

What can you do to defend Singapore?

keep the Britisher away

Who founded the first british colony of Singapore?

the first British colony in Singapore is......................................

Why did British fail to stop Japanese?

The British and Japanese were pitted against each other when Japan invaded Singapore. The reason why the British failed to stop the Japanese was that the Japanese outsmarted the British forces, and they also had superior air support.

Was Singapore a part of the British empire?

Yes, Singapore was once part of the British Empire.

How can students defend Singapore?

be a polictian join the forces

Was Singapore under British rule during 1927?

Yes, Singapore was under British rule during 1927. Singapore was part of the Straits Settlements, which was controlled by the British at that time.

When was Singapore colonized?

Singapore is colonized in 1824 when the British got the whole of Singapore from the Dutch.

How Singaporeans can defend Singapore?

by not throwing rubbish anywhere you like

How can you help to defend in Singapore?

By choosing the right leaders to lead.

When did the British arrive in Singapore?

The British fleet lead by Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore in 1819.

Why was the fall of Singapore important?

The 1942 attack on Singapore was important in World War II because Singapore was considered a vital part of the British Empire and supposedly impregnable as a fortress. Singapore's surrender was showing the world that Japan was a force to be afraid of. The British government heavily underestimated the Japanese Army. They had been told that they were poor fighters, and they assumed they would be no match for the great power of the British Army. The Japanese onslaught through the Peninsula took everyone by surprise, and the British plans were lost in the rush to defend Singapore. i hope that helps :)

How did world war 2 affect Singapore?

How did World War 2 affect Singapore ?1) What were the efforts made by the British to defend Singapore?- " Main fleet to Singapore" strategy- Installation of 15-inch guns facing the sea- Building of military airfields and underground bunkers- Building of the Naval Base in Sembawang.-> Why did the British fail to stop the Japanese?- Good Japanese Preparation- Japanese superioty in battle strategy, armed forces and leadership- British priory to war in Europe2) How did the people of Singapore react to the Japanese attack?- The people of Singapore were led to believe that the possibility of a Japanese attack was remote->How did the Japanese Occupation change the lives of people inSingapore?- Singapore renamed as Syonan-To- British and other Europeans taken as prisoners-of-war- Most lived in fear of the Kempetei and its harsh punishment- Operation Sook Ching attempted t wipe out Chinese oppositionto the Japanese- Serious shortage of food and poor health conditions3) Did life return to normal after the end of the Japanese Occupation?- The British Military Adminiastration established for post- warreconstruction- Shortage of food, jobs, water and electricity- Overcrowding and unhygienic housing conditions

Who ruled Singapore before it became independent?

Before independence, Singapore was part of the British Empire. It is also worthy to note that there was no development where Singapore now is before the British built it.

Which European country founded Singapore in 1819?

Singapore was colonised by the British in 1819.

What time is 2PM British summer time in Singapore?

2 PM British Summer Time = 9 PM Singapore Time

Why did the British want to control Singapore?

They did not want to control it. The British CREATED Singapore (there was nothing there before the British began to build). The location of Singapore was important to the British because it overlooks and controls the "Straights of Malacca" though which all the far eastern shipping has to pass. Singapore is a strategically important location militarily and well placed as a trading port. The British being a trading nation realized this and invested in building Singapore. History has proved they were correct!.

Why did the British fail to defend Singapore from the Japanese attack?

Britain failed to prevent the Japanese from invading Singapore because Japan had air superiority over the region.Most of England's air power was in Europe fighting Hitler's armies and defending England from invasion. Therefore England greatly relied the United States to provide air cover.So, in respect, your question is incorrect. The real question is: Why did the USA fail to support the UK with air support when Japan invaded Singapore?Because of the Japanese airstrikes, British forces were concentrating on defending Singapore from a head-on attack by Japan from the borders, air and sea.However, Japanese infantry managed to out-flank the British defenders by riding bicycles through the harsh Malaysian jungles.Because it's near impossible to get tanks and armoured vehicles through the Malaysian jungles, there were no British tanks in the area the Japanese flanked from, because it wasn't believed that Japan could successfully invade from that position.The British coastal guns protecting the coastlines of Singapore were turned around to face the land and aimed at the invading Japanese infantry, however because these guns and ammunition were designed to be fired at ships, they were very clumsy at firing on land targets.Had the US provided decent air coverage to protect the borders of Singapore, the British could have repelled the Japanese easily.

How did the fall of Singapore in World War 2 affect Australians?

Singapore was considered a major stronghold there to defend Australia in case of Japanese attack.

What airlines fly direct from Singapore to London?

Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Qantas.

Why do you have Singapore?

Singapore was founded by the british to be used as a trading port and stop-over for their ships.

What has changed in the old ford factory Singapore?

It was the place where the British surrendered to the Japanese in Singapore.