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The reason the settlers of Delaware went there was to expand and control trade and to expand there native country's land. The reason Delaware was settled was to expand and conrol trade and to expand the native land of their country.

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What country ruled colonial Delaware?

The Dutch

What are some ethnic groups of colonial Delaware?

Dutch, Swedish, English, Germans, and even Finnish settled in colonial Delaware.

Who were important people in colonial Delaware?

It was the Dutch,the Swedish,and the French

Who were the first colonial people in territorial days in Delaware?

The Dutch.

What kind of Nationalities were in colonial Delaware?

Mostly English But some Dutch and Welsh.

When did the first explorers come to colonial Delaware?


What are some recipes from colonial Delaware?

There are many recipes that come from colonial Delaware. You could make Colonial Stew, Colonial Apple Pie, Colonial Biscuits or Chile Con Carne colonial Style.

What country owned Delaware?

Before coming under British colonial rule as part of Pennsylvania, Delaware had Dutch and Swedish settlements.

Where did the settlers of colonial Delaware come from?

Most were English

Did Dutch people live in colonial Delaware?

Peter Minuit was a Dutch explorer that took some Swedish colonists to settle in New Jersey.

Where there churches in colonial Delaware?

yes there was churches in colonial Delaware

How did new Sweden come to an end?

the dutch defeated them in Delaware which ended New Sweden. It was then Delaware which became part of New Netherland.

Major cities in colonial Delaware?

wilmington and dover were very important in colonial delaware.

In the colonial days what did people learn in Delaware?

In the colonial days what did people earn in delaware

Why did people come to colonial Delaware?

People were promised a representative government and religious freedom

What Dutch explorer explored Delaware?

Cornelius Jacobsen May was the Dutch explorer who explored Delaware. He explored the Delaware area from 1613 to 1614.

What did Delaware grow in colonial time?

they did not grow crops in colonial Delaware because they had bad land

Did Colonial Delaware raise oranges as a crop?

Yes colonial Delaware grew oranges as a crop. Vegetables, flax, grain and cattle were also major crops in colonial Delaware.

What languages did colonial people in Delaware speak?

Delaware was colonized by the English, so the colonial language was English.

Who funded colonial Philadelphia?

The dutch The dutch

Who was the first person to discover Delaware?

The Dutch were the first outsiders to reach Delaware. Samuel Blommaert and Samuel Godin were the two Dutch explorers who campaigned for the Dutch port of Zwaanendael, in modern-day Delaware.

What are common exterior colors of dutch colonial homes?

Most Dutch colonial homes are white.

What was the land of colonial Delaware like?

The land of colonial Delaware was very fertile and was often used for farming and lumber.

Did a group of dutch people find Delaware?

no,william penn did but he was a dutch

What countries did the settlers in New Jersey and Delaware come from?

The Dutch and the Swedes were among the first to settle in New Jersey.