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Why did the North need the South in 1861?

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85% of the national budget was financed by taxing the export of agricultural products, primarily cotton, grown in the south.

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When was the war of the north and south?

1861 - 1865

What was the weakness that the north had in 1861?

Not really a weakness but the north did not have the agricultural capacity the south did.

What was consider upper South in 1861?

Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland would have been considered upper south states in 1861.

What year was the civil war between the north and the south?


Why do you think the north and south were not able to reach a compromise over slavery in 1861?

Because the north and the south wanted differnt things south wanted slavery, but the north wanted freedom.

When did the war happen between the north and south?

1861-1865 (4 years)

Did the north or south win more battles in 1861 and 1862?

ur a nob

When did Arkansas Virginia Tennessee and North Carolina secede?

First of all, North Carolina never seceded South Carolina did. Here are the dates: Arkansas: May 6, 1861 South Carolina: December 20,1860 Tennessee: June 8, 1861 Virginia: April 17, 1861

What did differences in the north and south lead to?

The differences in the North and South over slavery lead to the Civil War (1861 - 1865) which the North won, the country was united and slavery came to an end.

What year was the fight of the south and the north during the civil war?

It was during 1861, 62, and 63.

Is Romania south or north?

To answer this question we need to know south or north of what.

Why did the North go to war with the South in 1861?

The north and the south went to war in 1861 which was the beginning of the American Civil War, or the War Between the States. They went to war over both states rights and slavery. The result was the abolition of slavery and the dissolution of the Confederacy.

What was the date the first state succeeded?

South Carolina was the first state to secede from the United States following the election of Abraham Lincoln. South Carolina seceded on December 20, 1860. South Carolina was followed by Mississippi on January 9, 1861, Florida on January 10, 1861, Alabama on January 11, 1861, Georgia on January 19, 1861, Louisiana on January 26, 1861, Texas on February 1, 1861, Virginia on April 17, 1861, Arkansas on May 6, 1861, North Carolina on May 20, 1861, and Tennessee on June 8, 1861.

What uswar was between the north and south?

The American Civil War (or the War Between the States) - 1861-1865

Was Richmond in the South or the North?

Richmond, the capital of Virginia, was the capital of the Confederacy (South) from April, 1861 to April, 1865, when it fell to Union armies.

Was Joseph e Johnston part of the north or south?

South, fourth on the seniority list of full generals (four stars) from August 1861.

Were North Dakota and South Dakota ever the same state?

North and South Dakota were never the same state. They were part of the same territory, called the Dakota Territory, from 1861 to 1889.

How many states seceded from the Union by the end of May 1861?

Original answer: eight -- South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina and Virginia. Virginia was split in two and West Virginia was then formed.Correct answer:It is actually 11 they are:South Carolina - December 20, 1860Mississippi - January 9, 1861Florida - January 10, 1861Alabama - January 11, 1861Georgia - January 19, 1861Louisiana - January 26, 1861Texas - February 1, 1861Virginia - April 17, 1861*Arkansas - May 6, 1861*North Carolina - May 20, 1861*Tennessee - June 8, 1861** These four states seceded after Fort Sumter (April 12, 1861).

What is the reason the north went to war with the south in 1861?

Actually, it was the South who declared war on the North when it shelled Ft. Sumner in 1861. For Lincoln it came down to keeping the union together and in the South it was a states right issue. They felt they had the right to determine the issue of slavery. Today the argument is the same, but the issue is abortion instead of slavery.

Is Maine north or south?

Of what? North and south are directions - you have to say where you're starting from in order to know if you need to go north or south to get to Maine.

Were the north and south medically unprepared for the civil war?

The medical community was considered to be still in the middle ages in 1861.

Did the North have any advantages over the South in 1861?

Manpower, an industrial base and an established Navy and merchant fleet.

Who fought the civil war 1861 -1865?

The United States between the North (Union) and South (Confederacy)

What conflict divided the U.S from 1861-1865?

this was calleds the Civil War, a conflict between the North and the South.

When did the fighting between the north and south began?

1861 for the US Civil War. Around the 1960s for the Vietnam War.

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