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Using mouse brains as toothpaste was one of many dentistry works that were used in oral health. There is no given reason as to why the Romans did this, however, crushed animal bones and horns were also used.

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Did Romans powder mouse brains for toothpaste?


Can a female mouse beat a male mouse through a maze?

It depends who has a better instinct and determination (And also the brains!)

How did Douglas engelbart make a computer mouse?

he made with technology and lots of brains

Why are keyboard shortcut keys used instead of the mouse?

Because some people prefer using the keyboard instead of the mouse.

Do people need brains?

maybe, but probably not. people with brains don't throw pens and mouse pads. If he does have one though, it's the size of a penny and is mentally disabled.

What is used on a laptop instead of a reagular mouse what is this called?

Could be a mouse, a trackball or a touchpad.

What do laptops use instead of mouse?

A cat

If a mouse is called mice in plural wouldn't a mouse for your computer be called meeces instead of mouses or mice?


How does an optical mouse function?

An optical mouse functions by using a laser light sensor to detect movement of the mouse instead of a roller ball. An optical mouse can be wired or wireless.

What is 'mouse' in Latin?

The Latin word for 'mouse' is Mus. The diminutive 'musculus' means 'little mouse'. In the ancient, classical Latin of the ancient Romans, the noun 'mus' doesn't refer only to a mouse. It also refers to the sable, the marten, and the ermine.

What is the best thing to use to catch a mouse?

use a mouse trap but put peanut butter on it instead of cheese

What was the pourpse of the computer mouse?

The purpose of the computer mouse is to be used as a graphical pointer on a computer instead of lines of text.

How do you eat in Minecraft with no mouse?

Click the right button on your laptop, its down the "touch" place, that you use instead of mouse.

What are the techniques in using the computer mouse?

* Avoid resting your wrist and forearms when moving the mouse. * Move the mouse from your shoulder. * Click the mouse buttons gently and patiently. * Avoid gripping the mouse tightly, instead hold the mouse gently with all your fingers.

What is a track ball mouse?

A track ball mouse is a mouse that uses an internal ball to track movement, instead of a laser. These have been outdated by optical mice.

Can you use the tab key on keyboard instead of the mouse?


What was the name Walt Disney wanted to use instead of Mickey Mouse for his favorite cartoon mouse?

Walt Disney originally named Mickey Mouse "Mortimer Mouse" but his wife didn't like the name.

What is the difference between a computer track ball and a computer mouse?

They both do the same job. And on an older mouse it's easy to see the similarities. An older computer mouse would have a ball underneath. Then as you moved the mouse around the ball would roll and the computer would count the rotations. A track ball was basically a mouse turned upside down. Instead of moving the mouse to rotate the ball, you'd move the ball directly with your fingers instead.

When you perform a task using the keyboard instead of the mouse?

When you are writing something you are using the keyboard and occasionally the mouse.. for example something in a word document.

Is a mouse an internal or an external device?

A mouse is an external device, meaning it is outside the computer, and has to connect to it in some way, instead of being built into it.

When you perform a task using the keyborad instead of your mouse you are using?

Keyboard shortcuts

Why should a traveler use a trackball instead of a mouse?

because he is a traveller........ so.............

What was the name that Walt diney wanted to use instead of mickey?

Mortimer Mouse. His wife suggested Mickey Mouse would be a better name. There is a Mortimer Mouse, but, he's a less famous character.

What is the uses of Touch screen?

Touch screen can be used instead of the keyboard and mouse , whenever you need to write something a keyboard will be shown on the screen . and instead of using a mouse you will just press (touch) the icon you need directly by your finger .

You want a mouse but your mother hates there tails?

Get a hamster instead, they're basically tailless.

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