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Which event caused the Southern States to secede from the Union

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Q: Why did the Southern Land Speculators want to secede from the union?
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How do you think the settlers felt about land speculators?

bad because the speculators used the law to buy large amounts of land cheaply

What state was formed of land from Virginia?

West Virginia, they did not want to secede from the Union and therefore began their own state.

How did Andrew Jackson try to stop land speculators?

Andrew Jackson tried to stop land speculators by congress passing the Indian Removal Act in 1830

Why was Texas a magnet for land speculators and investors?


Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger wealthy speculators?

The Proclomation of 1763 angered wealthy speculators because they owned land west of the mountains.

How did mountain men and land speculators differ in the ways earned their living from the land?

they live off the land

Why didn't Maryland secede from the union in 1865?

The Northern half of the state supported remaining with the Union. Washington DC's influence was stronger in Maryland because DC existed on Maryland land.

What were land speculators?

Land speculators purchased up a great deal of land that became available in the Dakotas following the US Civil War. These people did not have intentions of living on the land or developing it. Instead, they held on to the land in hopes of selling it at a higher price to individuals that were interested in moving to the area.

Who are people that hoped to make a profit by selling and buying land?


What were the military plans for the Union?

During the Civil War, the Union army focused on conquiring Southern land and freeing Confederate slaves.

Why did settlers feel they had a right to western lands?

how did the settlers feel about land speculators

Was it right for the South to try to secede from the Union?

Yes First off your question is not stated properly; the South did secede successfully from the Union, though they were never recognized as an independent country by other European countries. But answer to was it "right" for them to secede is the same answer you get when asking if it was "right" for people to leave Britain in search of a new land. Absolutely. The South seceded because of the oppressive government of the United States and the laws regulating state's rights to choose.

Quite a bit of land resulting from this act was purchased by land speculators?

is not "The Homestead Act :) " It's the Morrill Land-Grant Act

Who suggested that the south should secede from the union if an agreement could not be reached slavery?

The south did not secede because of slavery. The States belong to the people, not the Federal Government. Treason is a defined crime in the Constitution, and the law of the land stopped the day the South seceded. Tenth Amendment allows secession, and the Union was wrong to not to recognize the sovereign nation of the CSA.

Where is the great southern land?

It is in the Southern lands as in your question, The Great Southern Land.

Why did the union capture port royal?

Port Royal was Southern port with a capacity for trading and thus helping the Southern economy. The Union wished to capture this port city in South Carolina for shutting down its ability to be a trading port. It also the Union a land holding in the Deep South.

How did some people profit during westward expansion?

land speculators bought huge area of land. then they sold part of the land to people who dremed of having farms and made profit.

Ancient Southern Land Mass?

Jathursha land

How was the land in the southern colonies?

the land in the southern colonies were large plantations and small farms

What is the Union Jack called on Land?

The 'Union Flag' , but these days it is mostly called the Union Jack on land as well as water.

How could the federal government have made the Dawes Act more successful?

by refusing to allow Native Americans to assimilate by making it illegal for Native Americans to sell their land to speculators by providing larger land parcels so the Native Americans could grow more crops by using land speculators as brokers between the government and Native Americans

What are the southern land features?

The southern land features are really green with lots of plants and animals.

What are the causes of the red river rebellion?

the HBC sold Rupert's land without telling them and land speculators and surveyors came laying out square townships without any regard for their traditional strip farming method. Land speculators raised tensions and the Metis List of Rights was ignored. They also thought Canadian government wanted to take away their land. white buffalo hunters hunting on indian lands NOVANET

Does the norther or southern hemisphere have more land?

The Northern Hemisphere has more land than the Southern Hemisphere!

Which polar region contains the most land northern or southern?

The southern region has more land (Antarctica) !!!

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