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1. The president signed a document saying that if any country needs help in the stop against communism, then the United States would help them without a hint of hesitation.

2. The Vietnam War was all part of the Cold War. The Cold war was all about communism and Fear. The USA wanted to get rid of communism. We enterd this war so we could get rid of communism or slow it down some. We lost the War.

3. The United States was following an idea called the Domino Theory. The fear was that if Vietnam fell to Communism then Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, all of Asia would turn to communism also.

4.That's not the whole answer, it was simply the justification that the US used to enter the conflict. In the beginning of the conflict, the Vietnamese were trying to toss out the French who had been bleeding them dry since the 1800's. The French, trying to follow in the footsteps of the England's "Empire" model had installed their own puppet government in South Vietnam. The Vietnamese needed weapons to fight the French and would have taken aid from any country who offered. The Soviets were the only ones who stepped up to the plate. This opened the door to interests in the US who were searching for a conflict . . .any conflict! When Eisenhower left office, he warned the American public against the huge Military-Industrial Complex that had developed during WWII. The conflict in Europe had fattened the coffers of American defense industries 'till they were overflowing and none of the industries were going to go away quietly. With their political influence and tons of cash to buy lobbyists, it was easy as hell to put pressure on the Administration to escalate the US commitment in Vietnam. The "Domino Theory" was such a great marketing ploy for Defense Industries it probably was created in some Madison Avenue advertising boardroom. If you don't believe that the Domino Theory was a scam, just look at what happened to Vietnam after the US left! The Soviets didn't gain anything, no countries bordering Vietnam have gone "commie" and the Vietnamese economy has been growing steadily ever since to where they are now one of the fastest growing economy's in the far east.

The war was not about stopping the Communists, it was about money. Well over 58,000 young American soldiers died (ave. age 19yr's old), 1.1 million N. Vietnamese soldiers died and an estimated 2 million Vietnamese civilians died and for what? They died so that the defense industries could wallow in $140 Billion dollars spent by the US between 1958 and 1975 (that's $686 billion in today's dollars).

Hey. . .Eisenhower warned us.

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Q: Why did the U.S. enter the Vietnam War?
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Why was it important for the US to enter the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was part of the cold war.

The domino theory led the US to enter what war?

The Vietnam war

Did the US enter the Vietnam war on April 16?


Why did the US enter the war in Vietnam?

Stop communist aggression.

Why did the US-enter the Vietnam War?

To stop communist aggression.

Did the US enter Vietnam without a declaration of war by Congress?


When did the US enter Vietnam?

If your referring to the Vietnam war, the first U.S military advisors arrived in Vietnam in 1950.

Did the US enter the Vietnam War on South Vietnam's side?

Yes the U.S.A enterwed the war in South Vietnams side, and were based in Saigon.

What were good reasons for the us to enter the Vietnam war?

To prevent the spread of communism

According to which law did the US enter the Vietnam War?

The US entered because they signed a document saying that the will help with a war with communism.

When did the US enter the Vietnam war and when did they leave?

President Eisenhower sent US troops to Vietnam in 1955, President Ford pulled out the last US troops in 1975.

What wars did the US enter because of communism?

The Vietnam War, The Korean War, Maybe part of World War II

Do US citizens need visa to enter Vietnam?

US citizens are required for a visa to enter Vietnam

Why did US enter Vietnam War?

To prevent the build up of ccmmunist control and expansion

What was the us trying to stop the spread of when they enter the war im Vietnam?

The US had hoped to stop the spread of Communism .

Where were the US troops in the Vietnam war?

Because the Vietnam war was fought between Vietnam and the US

What prompted the US to enter into an all-out war in Vietnam?

North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam Two U.S. destroyers were attacked by the Viet Cong.

Did Canada enter the Vietnam War?


What role did the US play in the Vietnam war Vietnam War?

The US was at war with North Vietnam (informally-not with documents signed/declaration of war).

Did illegal rugs enter S Vietnam during Vietnam War?

I know of no illegal "rugs" that entered south Vietnam but there were illegal Drugs that did enter Vietnam.

Why was the US at war with Vietnam?

We were at war with Vietnam because they disagreed with us about something.

What prompted the US to enter into an all out war in Vietnam?

The reason the United States entered into a war in Vietnam was to keep the Communists from North Vietnam and the Soviet Union from taking over South Vietnam. The war quickly spread to other countries in the area like Laos and Cambodia.

When and why did the US join the Vietnam War?

The US joined the Vietnam War in 1960 or 1955because there was a civil war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, and the US was good friends with South Vietnam's goverment, so they helped out.

What was the resolution that gave the us justification to enter the Vietnam war?

" Tonkin Gulf Resolution "

What caused the US to enter into a full scale war in Vietnam?

the attack of two U.S. destroyers by the North Vietnamese. Gradpoint