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Israel is the home of Jews for many years (go long way back to The Bible).

The UN offered to split the country for Jews and Arabs to live in Peace.

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What did Jewish leaders do in 1948?

they split Arabs and Jews land, Palestine in half.

Why should the Jews have the land instead of the Arabs?

The Jews are willing to coexist with Arabs in the land.

What was the conflict between Jews and Arabs over land?

You may be referring to the Israeli-Arab Conflict.

Why do both Arabs and Jews lay claim to Palestine?

Answer this question… It is considered a holy land by both Arabs and Jews

What did the Skyes - picot letter promise?

(It was between Great Britain and France) It promised to split the land Great Britain promised to the Arabs between Great Britain and France (It was between Great Britain and France) It promised to split the land Great Britain promised to the Arabs between Great Britain and France

Why did tensions between Arabs and Jews in Palestine escalate during the 1930s?

Jewish immigration to Palestine increased significantly, causing Arabs to worry about losing their land.

Jews and Arabs both claimed what?

The land that is today called Israel.

Both Arabs and Jews claim historical rights to this land?


What were the problems that existed in forming the state of Israel?

The state of Israel got its independence in 1948. The U.N suggested to split the land for both Jews and Arabs. The Jews agreed but the Arabs didn't. War burst and the Jews won. Further more, Israel is mentioned in the bible many times as the home of Jews so it goes way back to 4,000 years ago.

What was the immediate result of the proclamation of the state of Israel?

The state of Israel got its independence in 1948. The U.N suggested to split the land for both Jews and Arabs. The Jews agreed but the Arabs didn't. War burst and the Jews won. Further more, Israel is mentioned in the bible many times as the home of Jews so it goes way back to 4,000 years ago.

Is the conflict between Jews and Arabs over land?

Yes, but there are several other reasons for the conflict as well. Read more at the below related question.

Why is Palestine important to Arabs and Jews?

both believe palestine is their rightful holy land

Why was Palestine divided by the United Nations?

palestine was divided by the united nations because the UN knew there was a conflict between arabs and jews in palestine over the land.

What did the British and French promise to the Arabs if they joined the fight against the Ottoman Empire?

They promised the Arabs the land in which the Arabs assumed was Palestine. The British later broke their promise, and Jews started immigrating there.

What was most responsible for helping Israel to become an independent nation?

The United Nations After World War I, the League of Nations asked Great Britain to govern Palestine. (This land had been taken away from the Ottoman Empire partly because the Ottomans had been Germany's ally during World War I.) But the British had great difficulty ruling the land because Jews and Arabs in Palestine often quarreled with each other. After World War II, the quarrels between Palestinian Jews and Arabs became fierce battles. And to make matters worse for the British, Palestinian Jews and Arabs began to attack them as well. By 1947 the British had had enough. They asked the U.N. to take responsibility for Palestine and end the fighting between the Jews and Arabs.

What are the conflicts between the Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs over the land of Israel has led to much conflict. They signed a peace treaty in 2012 and this has settled the issue. Group of answer choicesTrueFalse?


What nations or peoples have controlled the holy land since ancient times?

Canaan, Phoenicia, Palestine, arabs, and, of course, the Jews.

Why have Arabs and Jews been in conflict over Palestine for thousands of years?

Both believe that Palestine is their holy land and that it belongs to them.

Why are zionists bloosthirsty?

That's a lie spread by the Arabs. Zionists are people who want Jews to have their own state. Zionists never killed thousands of Palestinians, and never stole their land. Arabs just say that because they are brainwashed as little kids to do bad things to Jews.

Why did the Arabs want to move into the Jews' land area?

Answer 1The land originally belongs to Arabs, Arabs have lived in Israel long before Jews took over the land.Answer 2When the Islamic Caliphate under 'Omar expanded into the Levant, Arabs began to Arabize the native population of Levant, by marrying with them and supervising their general conversion to Islam. This is what created the Arabs living in what would eventually become the British Mandate of Palestine. The vast majority of Jews had been exiled from the territory nearly 500 years prior and only a small minority remained by the time the Arab Shamite Identity (which would become the Palestinian Identity) took hold over the majority of the inhabitants. The Arabs did not specifically move to the former British Mandate of Palestine because of its Jewish heritage.

Why did the Arabs and the Jews fight in the biblical times and now?

A:There is no substantial record of Arabs fighting with the Jews in biblical times. The Bible records Jews at war with Canaan, Philistia, Assyria, Aram, Tyre, Midian, Moab, Edom and the Idumeans, none of whom were Arabs. The Bible even talks of fighting between the Israelites and the Jews. It talks of Jerusalem being conquered by the Babylonians, somewhat related to Arabs, but it would be misleading to call them Arabs. The Jews also overran Samaria and Galilee during the Maccabean era, but once again these were not Arabs. There is only a minor reference to 'Ishmaelites' joining a confederacy against Israel. Palestinians are often termed 'Arabs', as they speak the Arabic language and have adopted Arabic culture - Maxine Rodinson (The Arabs) says that the modern definition of an Arab is simply one who identifies as an Arab. In recent centuries, even Jews living in Palestine and the neighbouring countires of the Middle East regarded themselves as Arabs and coexisted with their Christian and Muslim Arab neighbours. This changed with the establishment of Israel.Modern Israelis and Palestinians fight over the right (or otherwise) of the Palestinians to independence from Israel, and they fight over land rights.A:Psalms 83:7 apparently refers to an attack of Ishmaelites (with others) against the Israelites.

Is the Land of Israel entitled to the Palestinians?

The land of Israel belongs to the Jews, which was given to them by God thousands of years ago. The Arabs are thieves and murderers. If you mess with Israel, you mess with God and that is not a good idea.

What wartime promise were the Arabs and Jews upset about?

Arabs and Jews both received wartime promises from Great Britain that they believed meant that they would receive the land of the future Mandate of Palestine. In the Arab case, this promise was the Hussein-McMahon Correspondence of 1915 and in the Jewish case, this promise was the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

Why did the Arab and Israelis become sepArable?

Answer 1Israel occupied the Palestinian land and claimed that this land doesn't belong to any nation and that it is the historical land of the Jews. The Arabs represented by the Palestinians refused that and many wars waged on Israel to restore the land. Backed by the superpowers at that time and nowadays the people of Palestine couldn't restore it. However, if they want to live in peace , I mean the Israelis , the should give it back to the Arabs and everything will be okay.Answer 2It is unclear what "separable" means as you can only separate things that were once in concert or united and are now no longer so. This leads to three ways to reading the question.Way 1: As the question is phrased, it makes no sense. 20% of Israelis are Arabs. and nearly 55% of Israelis are either Arabs or descended from Jews from Arab countries. Arabs have always been an important part of the State of Israel and the Palestinian Region for the last 800 years. Mizrahi Jews, Bedouins, and Druze Israelis have fought in the Israeli Army, gone to Israeli schools, and fielded politicians and judges in the Israeli government. There is no separation between Arabs and Israelis.Way 2: Why did the Arabs and the Jews become separable?Many times, people incorrectly use Jew and Israeli synonymously, but they are far from the same thing. There are non-Israeli Jews (actually the majority of the Jewish community is non-Israeli); there are Israeli non-Jews (roughly 21% of the Israeli population); and there are Israeli Jews. The issue here is that the existence of Jewish Arabs was minimal throughout history. Jewish Arabs, i.e. people of an Arab ethnicity who believed in Judaism existed only for around 400 years in the Arabian Peninsula. However, the Rise of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula effectively led to the conversion of most Jewish Arab tribes to Islam. Those who did not convert renounced their Arab ethnicity (as ethnicities were more fluid at that time period) and considered themselves ethnically Jewish only. Such is the history of the Yemeni Jews. Elsewhere in the Islamic Empires, Jews in Arab countries were just that. They were not ethnically Arab at any point. It could be claimed that the Iraqi Jews were ethnically Babylonian, that the Palestinian Jews were ethnically Levantine, that the Moroccan Jews were ethnically Amazigh, etc. but none of them considered themselves Arabs. The Arabs agreed with this Jewish view and considered any Jews living in Arab countries to be exactly that and not Arabs. So, in this case, there is nothing to separate because they were never united.Way 3: Why did the society between the Jewish and Arab residents of Mandatory Palestine fracture? The assumption in this question is one that is patently false, which is that there was one point where the society was whole and then a fracturing occurred. Please read the Related Question below: "How did the Jewish-Arab Conflict start?" which discusses exactly how broken the society always was between Jews and Arabs and how Colonialism, Imperialism, Nazism, Zionism, and Arab Nationalism, all served to make a situation that was already horrible into something that was outright abysmal.

How did Israel's declaration of independence in 1948 lead to ongoing tensions between the Arabs and Israelis?

It created a Jewish state on land that most Arabs believed rightfully belonged to the Palestinians. It did not lead to ongoing tensions between the Arabs and Israelis. The tension had already been there. The creation of Israel gave the Arabs a political entity on which to focus there ambivalence.

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