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What do you mean? There is no antidepressant called Dextron and as far as I know skin itching is a fairly common side effect of taking many anti-depressants. You may have mis-spelled the medication. Prefix DEX tells me it is probably a cortisteroid of some sort, commonly used for skin conditions such as itching. Ask your pharmacist for a printout of your medication that should answer all your questions.

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Q: Why did the doctor give you the anti-depresssant dextron when you went for skin itching problems and is it safe to take it or not?
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Does lotion relieve itching?

Yes, lotion helps in itching. Try Eczema lotion, it is good for itching. But if itching persists than consult some Doctor.

Can I put sulfur on my skin for itching?

No, go and see a doctor.

What can i do about sudden red patches all over the body with severe itching?

put anti itching powder or cream on it and see a doctor

What is the treatment for boils and itching on your penis?

Dude you need to see a doctor.

How do you stop worms from itching?

Get rid of worms. Go to the doctor and you can get pills for it.

How do you use the word itching in a sentence?

He couldn't stop itching the rash.Persistent itching should be checked by a doctor.He was itching for a response from her.

Can Oxycondon cause itching?

I assume you are referring to Oxycontin, if so, then usually itching when you take it is caused by an allergic reaction and you should consult your doctor immediately!

Can itching and tenderness at the rectum be a first sign of cancer?

Probably not. It could be thrush or piles, or any of a number of more mundane problems. Either way, you should not put up with the discomfort. See a doctor.

What is the cure for itching?

Get anti-itching lotion. Go to a doctor. Don't itch it and it'll most likely get better. If your skin is just dry get moisturizing lotion.

How can you find out which medication is making you itch?

The easiest way is to call your pharmacy and ask which of your medications could cause itching as a side effect, then call your doctor. If you are taking an antibiotic, call your doctor -- it could be an allergic reaction, and any itching from any medication should be reported to your doctor.

What causes itching all over?

One out of a hundred reasons, or a combination of all of them. I'm not saying this to be funny or sarcastic. It is a very broad question with many possibilities. If the itching persists, see a doctor for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. you need a doctor, get a steroid shot and itching goes away 5-8 min.

If you have itching and burning around your vagina and there are a few?

Yeast infection or STD. See a doctor.

Yellowish slimy discharge with odor and itching?

You may have a yeast infection. Consult your doctor.

How do cure itching without going to the doctor?

wipe peanut butter on the itchy area.

What is happening if your penis is itching and turning white around the head area?

Then go to a doctor.

Is the drug simplicef safe to treat anal itching?

Drug simplicef is safe to treat anal itching when taken in the right dosage. It is however important to get the right prescription from a doctor.

What are itchy problems?

Itchy problems are when you got bit my an inscet are you had sex with to many men or women and you caught somehing but im just playin if you are itching you should go see your doctor or go to a free clinic and see if they can give you a prescription!!!!!!!I HOPE MY ADVICE HELPS FOREVER MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEACE

What can cause scrotal itching?

You could have 'jock itch' and it best to let your doctor diagnose this problem.

Is breast itching a sign of pregnancy?

No, it's just itchyness ask a local doctor for a cream for it.

What is and severe itching?

Could be eczema , psorriasis , contact dermatitis, or critters.See your doctor to get properly diagnosed.

What are symptoms of a vaginal infection?

Sometimes itching, sometimes discharge, sometimes it is an STD, and it has caused an infection. Only a doctor can tell you or anyone whether the itching or discharge or presumed STD is there, and how to treat it.

Can eyes be pink and not be pink eye?

It depends if your eye is itching to have pink eye, if it's not itching see an eye doctor. you could also probably get contacts for pink eyes. but be careful!

How can one relieve anal itching?

If the itching occurs after eating certain foods, a simple change in diet can alleviate the symptoms. Applying a hydrocortisone ointment and switching to a softer bath tissue can also be helpful. If the itching persists, a doctor may need to prescribe medication.

How long does it take for lemon to cure vaginal itching?

Lemon can not cure vaginal itching and should not be inside a vagina. It causes irritation. You need to see a doctor to find out WHY it itches and then they can give you the cure.

Is something wrong if there is vaginal itching after giving birth?

I had some mild itching for the first week or so after giving birth to my son the doctor said that it was normal for some minor itching because the skin is healing if you have any tears it may itch a little!!! hope this helps!