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Why did the framers of the constitution agree to meet in private?


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They wanted to keep their discussions secretive and away from the public eye.

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The Constitutional Convention was in Philadelphia.

The framers of the US Constitution met in Philadelphia in 1787 to 1789 to create a new government to replace the Articles of Confederation government.

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 25th, 1787. It lasted until September 17th that year.

U.S Constitution is the longest living constitution this is mainly due to the fact that the framers included both general and specific language. The necessary and proper clause has allowed congress to stretch its powers to meet new needs

This is homework and you need to answer this prompt. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. Not our thinking.

The Framers constructed the US Constitution to meet the problem of the times regarding voting by all male citizens. The times also called for a central government that could not amass power in the executive branch, this would hamper anyone trying to be a king. The amendment process of the Constitution gave it flexibility to meet demands of the future. For example, the 13th amendment to abolish slavery.

they were going to meet at the church

The way the electoral college functions today differs from the Framers intentions because the electors are just used as "rubber stamps." They are expected to vote automatically for their party's candidates for President and Vice President. In short, the electors go through the form set out in the constitution in order to meet the letter of the Constitution, but their behavior is a far cry from its original intent.

According to the original constitution, Congress was supposed to meet once a year.

It depends which countries constitution you are referring to.

Congress must meet every 6 months because of the United States Constitution. The Constitution says they must meet at least twice a year.

It didn't meet in 1174 it meet in 1774 the wanted to argue about the revolution and constitution.

You can do this by agreement, call for a meeting. And everyone should agree.

Not all would agree that it should be.There are two main schools of thought:A living Constitution:The Constitution is organic, and must be interpreted to fit the needs of each new generation, so that we are not locked into the past. It must evolve to meet our changing needs.Literal Reading:To "interpret" the Constitution makes us not a nation of laws, but of men, as it will then be men who "interpret" it. It makes the Constitution a set of "guidelines" which may be departed from at will.

They meet to amend the constitution.

They wanted to work without interference from others and to be able to discuss the issues openly. Unlike today there was no "instant " news cycle or modern technology and they were able to accomplish the task. One important thing as well there were no political parties that they were held to. Yes, they did have views on how a government should be made, but they were able to compromise to create this document that is still in use.

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He wants the constitution to be flexible so it can meet certain needs.

The constitution is adaptable because it meet different needs and views for every new generation there was.

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There was no particular event that caused the authors of the constitution to meet to create a new constitution. However, Shay's rebellion could perhaps be labeled as the most important singular event which caused the authors of the Constitution to convene.

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