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Q: Why did the framers of the you.s constitution guve the legislative branch the most power?
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How does constitution divides power?

The Constitution divides its power into three branches of government -- the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch.

The Texas Constitution grants the most power to?

the legislative branch

What branch of government did the framers think would be the most powerful?

the founders and framers of the constitution expected the government to be mainly led by congress. they were fearful of having too strong of an executive branch abusing its powers, so they gave the legislators more authority to keep this from happening. the constitution displays the numerous abilities of the House and Senate to keep the other branches in check. hope this helps!

What gives the legislative branch of the fedreral government its pover?

The legislative branch gets it's power from Article I of the United States Constitution.

What power the legislative branch over the executive branch?

The executive branch can veto proposed bills made by the legislative branch. This power division is laid out in Article 1, section 7 of the Constitution. This procedure allows the executive branch to have some power over the legislature and thus "check" the legislative branch's power.

Where in Constitution defines power the judicial branch hold over the legislative branch?

Henrietta Lone

Why are the framers of the constitution designed a legislature composed of two houses?

As stated in the Federalist papers by James Madison, the legislative branch is inherently more powerful than the other two branches. The bi-parliament we have is to create an internal checks and balances within the legislative branch to help prevent the legislative from gaining too much power.

Which section of the constitution set out the power of the legislative?

Article 2 addresses legislative branch.

What is the description of article 1?

Article I of the Constitution delegates lawmaking power to the legislative branch, which comprises the two houses of Congress.What_is_the_purpose_of_this_article

Who does the US Constitution allocates the power to make laws to the?

legislative branch, betch.

What provision did the framers make in the constitution to limit the power of each branch of the government?

because they are farmers. they can do what they want.

The US constitution allocates the power to make laws to the?

The United States Constitution allocates the power to make laws to the Legislative branch.