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It kept the full facts from public knowledge to avoid public panic in the rest of Australia, to avoid harming morale and the war effort.

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Q: Why did the government lie about the Darwin bombings?
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How did the civilians feel the government should respond to the Darwin bombings?

By evacuating them.

When did the bombings in Darwin start?

19 February 1942

What started the bombings of Darwin?

THE Japanese wanting to kill the allied ships in the harbour

What was the impact of the Darwin bombings on Australian civilians in World War 2?

A strong one.

How many people were killed in the Darwin bombings of World War 2?

It is estimated 250 - 320 were killed in the Darwin, Australia bombings by the Japanese. 300 - 400 were wounded. There were also 23 aircraft destroyed, 10 ships sunk and 25 ships damaged.

Where were the ANZACS in the Darwin bombings?

The two events are entirely unrelated. The ANZACs were the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in World War I. The Darwin bombings were in World War II. Whilst some of the ANZACs had survived to fight again in WWII, they were not called the ANZACs then.

How did Charles Darwin discover gravity?

well this is a lie he didnt

Who is the government of Darwin?

Andrew Mackie argued with Officials of the government of Darwin. The government of Darwin was a republic. Charles Darwin. Andrew Mackie. George Walters. Fred Flinstone. Michael Bangmeh. and last but most definitely not least John Hancock.

How long did it take the US government to capture the suspect of the Boston bombings?

about a week

Where did evacuating people go during the Darwin bombings?

The new film (which is probably NOT A REMAKE) due to be released in November 2008, titled "AUSTRALIA" may supply those answers. The movie (film) is about the DARWIN BOMBING during WW2.

When did Jonas Lie - government minister - die?

Jonas Lie - government minister - died in 1945.

When was Jonas Lie - government minister - born?

Jonas Lie - government minister - was born in 1899.

Why did the Darwin bombings happen?

A few days after the bombing of Pearl Harbour, 200 Japanese fighter planes bombarded the city of Darwin, over 250 people died. Why did it happen? Because the allies were using Darwin as a staging ground, where allied ships would dock refuel and return to battle. It was also strategically important because this is where many of Australias forces were being sent from to head north to PNG, Indonesia, and so on. However, the attacks on Darwin were not the last for the remainder of the war it would be bombed a further 64 times but none of them compared to the destruction as the first bombings as we were much more prepared after that.

Why does the government lie about every single detail that the media puts out and why do they lie about conspiracy theroies?

Show the people that overreact a lot don't try to assassinate the Governer

How many people died in the Darwin bombings by the Japanese?

It is unknown how many people were killed in the Darwin bombings, but according to the original records, 243 civilians and military personnel were killed. This number was later revised to "about 250", and later again, revised upwards still. The real toll is believed to have been much higher, as these figures did not include the many Indigenous Australians who lived in the area. Also, not all of the crews of some of the merchant ships were fully known. There was one report in the 1990s which suggested the figure was 1,024, but there is no substance to this claim. It is interesting to note that, at the time, the government announced that 17 people had been killed, in an effort to preserve morale.

What caused the Israel bombings?

Hatred causes all the bombings in Israel.

How did the Darwin Bombings during World War 2 affect Australia today?

After the Japanese air force launched an air raid in Darwin, the Australian government was awaken from its blind loyalty to England. The Australian government realized that they can not just concern about England's security and they must concern about Australian's security as well. The Australian also realized that they must not keep up their stupid policy, which's called the white Australian or Another England in Pacific, with their neighbour countries because they don't have enough people to protect their country. Therefore they need the immigrants to help them to protect the country. The Australian government worry that the second Japanese invasion will occur.

Why did the Australian government provide incorrect casualty figures during world war 2?

Australia was under attack from all corners, bombings in the north, naval attacks on western ports, and submarines were sinking ships in eastern harbours. While none of this was enough to destroy Australia it did have a tremendously negative impact on the moral of Australians. The prevailing thought at this time was Australia was about to be invaded. In order to lessen damage to our moral, the Australian government provided incorrect casualty figures to make people think it wasn't as bad as they thought it was. For example, the bombings of Darwin killed over 250+ people but the government announced only 17 people had been killed.

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there were only 7 bombings that were very brutal from annonymous

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When did Chlorine bombings in Iraq happen?

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noing the ammericans, about 6-7 years and they will still get it wrong

Is it criminal to lie about your education and will be on your record?

It depends on who you lie to. If you are filling out an application for a government or federal position, then I believe that would be a crime. If you meant will the lie (if criminal) be on your record, then yes, it will. If you meant will your education be on record, then yes, that is a matter of record that government and federal will verify.

How was the bombing in Darwin significant?

On the 19th of February 1942, the Australian city of Darwin was bombed by the Imperial Japanese Fleet. It resulted in over 300 deaths and over 1000 wounded. This attack is significant for Australia as it marks the first real attack by a foreign nation against Australia. The bombings were also a critical part of the Battle of Australia.