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Why did the killing of the Jews start?

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The killing of Jews can be seen as the natural result of the Nazi's racial policy, but this is of limited value considering comparable countries.

It started because people at the front (einsatzgruppen) wanted to show that they could be pro-active in following Nazi doctorine.

2012-11-23 13:09:22
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Q: Why did the killing of the Jews start?
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When did they start killing Jews in concentration camps?


Who is idea was it to start killing the Jews?

Adolf Hitler. His actions resulted in World War II.

Who was in The Killing?

the jews.

What was Hitler's purpose for killing the Jews?

He hated them stupid jews!!!!!!!!

Was concentration camps only for Jews?

No, but mostly for the killing of Jews.

Why did Nazis enjoyed killing Jews?

Because it was a brainwashed mindset started by hitler that caused them to believe that by killing Jews they were helping.

Did Jews start migrating to the US after World War 2?

yes they did because Hitler was killing their neighbors and friends but yeah they did.

Did Chabad leader Schneerson advocate killing non-Jews?


Was Himmler killing jews?


What was the date when the Nazis started killing the Jewish people?

1942. the Nazis started to rise in power in 1933, but didnt actually start killing the Jews and other people until 1942.

Why do Christians hate Nazis for killing Jews if Jews killed Jesus?

The Pope himself has said that the Jews are not to blame in the killing of Jesus. See the quote in the attached Related Link.

How many did Hitler plan on killing?

Hitler planned on killing all of the Jews.

Why is hiltler killing the jews?

Hitler himself died in 1945. At last reports, he is still dead, and no longer killing Jews or anyone else.

Why do Christians hate hitler for killing Jews when Jews killed Jesus?

Because the official Christian stance today is that the Jews are not to blame for the killing of Jesus. See the attached Related Link.

What were the Nazis reasons for killing all the Jews?

because the jews where mudafukaz thats why

How did hitler terrorize the jews?

Mostly by killing them.

What were techniques for killing the Jews?

they shot them in the air

What does Japan depend on?

Killing Jews for money

What is the killing of 6 million jews?


Who came up with the killing of Jews?


How where the murders accomplished in the holocaust?

By killing jews.

World war 1I was where Hitler started killing Jews?

Yes, during WW2 Hitler started killing Jews, since he believed/reasoned that Jews were the reason why Germany lost WW1.

Why did the killing of the holocaust all start?

because hitler want to kill jews. this was so because, hitler had a ideal of a non jewish europe

When did the Jews start going to death camps?

December 1941. However, in October 1941 mass deportations of German Jews to killing fields in Latvia began, and from July 1941 SD mobile killing units had been very active behind German lines in the Soviet Union.

Did Hitler order the killing of the Jews?

Yes, he did. Even though Hitler never wrote down the orders he gave to kill the Jews it is agreed today by historians that Hitler was the architect of the Holocaust and the killing of the Jews.