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Why did the number of manatees start to decline?

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When did the number of cheetahs start to decline?

in 2071

How many manatees are in total?

Most manatees are found in Florida, there is no exact number.

At what age do manatees start to swim?

When they are first born

How often do manatees have babies?

Manatees can start reproducing when they are around 12 years old. They are able to have babies every 2 years after that.

Can you decline a false start?

You cannot decline the penalty, since it is happening prior to the snap, you can, however, decline the YARDAGE of the penalty.

What can you do to help save manatees from extinction?

Manatees are beautiful creatures. help save them by donating to a sponsor that helps them, or start your own. where you can adopt a manatee or donate money.

Why are manatees extinct?

manatees are not extinct but they are endangered.Manatees aren't extinct...

Does decline mean to refuse?

Yes, decline can mean to refuse.

Why did wolves start to decline?

we are destroying their habitats

When did the king cobras start to decline?

check it

What do manatees drink?

what does manatees drink

Is the manatees endangered?

manatees are in danger

do manatees have hair?

yes they do!

Are manatees composers?

Manatees are consumers.

Are manatees herbivore?

manatees are herbivores

How are manatees made?

Manatees are made from God

What is the manatees habitat?

manatees habitats are in the swamps.

Who is afraid of manatees?

no one. manatees are docile.

Do manatees exist?

yes manatees do exist

Are manatees ever carnivores?

Manatees are herbivores.

Why did manatees become extinct?

Manatees are not extinct

Are manatees fish?

No. Manatees are not fish. Manatees are in fact mammals. Also known as sea cows.

Can Manatees go on land?

No, Manatees are strictly aquatic animals. No, Manatees are strictly aquatic animals.

When did people start killing manatees?

It is not known but people started killing them along time ago.

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