World War 1
Gallipoli Campaign

Why did they fight in Gallipoli?

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To ensure a Black Sea root to Russia, which was otherwise cut off from the other Entente powers. The Ottoman Empire that controlled the area was one of the Central powers and wouldn't have let the Allies use the Dardanelles Straits to get to Russia without a fight.

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What year did the ANZAC's fight at Gallipoli?

The ANZAC's went to fight in Gallipoli in 1914 or 1915.

When did the Australians fight in Gallipoli?

They fought in Gallipoli in 1915-1916

Why did they fight gallipoli?

Gallipoli said something offencive about Australias Mother

Why did the anzacs go to gallipoli?

To fight

Why did the Anzacs fight in Gallipoli the Western Front and the Middle East?

The soldiers were forced to fight in Gallipoli Western Front and Middle East

How Many Australians Went To Gallipoli?

About 50,000 Australians were sent to fight in the Gallipoli Campaign.

What year did war start in gallipoli?

The fight at gallipoli was a campaign, not a war. It started in the year 1915.

Whom did the anzacs fight at gallipoli?


Did Russia fight in the gallipoli war?


Which nation did the anzacs fight at gallipoli?


When and where did Australian troops fight at Gallipoli?

Australian and New Zealand troops landed at Gallipoli (Gelibolu), on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, on the 25th of April, 1915.

Did the Anzacs fight with the Germans at Gallipoli?

At Gallipoli the Anzacs fought with the Ottoman Turks who were allies of the Central powers.

Did french troops fight at gallipoli?

The Battle of Gallipoli, also known as the Gallipoli Campaign, occured during WWI in the Ottoman Empire. French troops did fight during this battle along with several others, including the United Kingdom.

What famous peninsula in Turkey did the ANZAC's fight on?


Who did Australia fight against at Gallipoli?

The Turkish army

Where did the anzacs train before the gallipoli fight?


ANZAC troops fight in which country?

They fought in Gallipoli

Did the Turkish fight to save their homeland in the Gallipoli war?


Where did the ANZACs train before they went to Gallipoli?

The ANZACs trained at Cairo, in Egypt before they went to fight in Gallipoli.

Where did the ANZACS fight in World War 1?

Gallipoli Peninsula

Where did the Anzacs fight?

Gallipoli, the Western Front and the Middle East

Why did australians volunteer to fight in gallipoli?

The main reason why young men signed up to fight at Gallipoli was because they wanted adventure, and to see the world. They weren't prepared for the conditions that they had to face.

How many troops from Australia went over to fight in Gallipoli?


What happened in Gallipoli?

To fight the war one happened

What was the reason for the Russians to fight at Gallipoli?

because the Russians sopported the Turks