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Why did they find Virginia?

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because settlers brought their white indentured servants .

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When did he find Virginia?

i want to know what month,day,and year did he find virginia?

Where to find geodes in Virginia?

You find geodos (in virginia) in virgin media, hahatehe!

Where do you find Russian Stores in Virginia?

22309 Virginia

Where can you find a Virginia Beach VA county jail mug shot?

Where can you find current inmate information for virginia beach virginia?

Where can you find arrowheads in Virginia?

most middle Virginia and up into northern

Where can I find Virginia car insurance rates online?

You can go to to find car insurance for the virginia region

Where can I find cheap car insurance in virginia? can help you find some

Why did the founder of Virginia leave England to find Virginia?

they want to have more land

What jobs are available in Virginia?

Depending on where you are located in Virginia, depends on what jobs you will find. In Virginia Beach, you can expect to find jobs dealing with tourists, hotels, dog walking, etc.

Did John Smith find Virginia?


Do you find coal in Virginia?


What important fossil fuel do we find in Virginia?

Coal is the fossil fuel found in the mountains in Virginia, PA and West Virginia.

In which US state will you find the cities of Virginia Beach Norfolk Chesapeake and Richmond?


Who find the states Virginia?

George Washington is generally regarded as the founder of the state of Virginia.

Can you find a viginia city anywhere?

Virginia City is a city in Montana, Nevada, and Virginia.

Where to find cherrystone clams?

In Virginia, you can find them at Giant grocery stores.

What counties can you find karst topography in Virginia?

West Virginia area. Because of the Lurray Caverns

Where can you find West Virginia?

South of Pennsylvania, west of Virginia, east of Kentucky, and southeast of Ohio.

Who find the Virginia colony?

Walter Raleigh

Where to find flint stones in Virginia?

in the fridge

What state would you find Norfolk in?

It is in Virginia.

What are the 11 counties in West Virginia?

West Virginia actually has 55 counties. You can find them with a quick "West Virginia counties" Google search.

Where to buy garcinia cambogia in Richmond Virginia?

It is unlikely you will find it in Virginia as it's grown in Indonesia. You might be able to find it at an Asian food store.

What was established by the Virginia Company and at first was not successful?

Im not sure but i think they went to virginia to one find the new world and two find gold but did not ever find any gold.

Find information about the death of Donald W Minkler in Virginia?

death of Donald W Minkler in Virginia?